Doc of the Day


May 1
Agreement, Kanawha Coal Operators and UMW, 1912-1914. (Ms97-24)

May 2
James Gillespie Blaine, Secretary of State, requesting information on capital punishment within West Virginia for the Minister of Austro-Hungary, 1892. (Ar1729)

May 3
Unaddressed letter from Rebecca Harding Davis, Philadelphia, 1869. (Ms80-163)

May 4
White House message to Congress asking for an appropriation of 700 million dollars for military requirements in Vietnam, May 4, 1965. (Ms2017-016)

May 5
Prisoner of War Newsletter from Stalag Luft I, Barth Hard Times, printed following the liberation of the camp by the Soviet army, Barth, Germany, 1945. (Ms2016-013)

May 6
Broadside for Union rally in Fairmont. (Ms2006-044)

May 7
World War II teletype from Eisenhower's office in Paris announcing German surrender to War Department, 1945. (Ms96-8)

May 8
Washington Monument lottery, addressed to Sam Hanway, Esq, Morgantown, 1817. (Sc82-293)

May 9
Proxy Vote Form for Island Creek Coal Company, 1956. (Ms2007-001)

May 10
James Nourse letter about trip to “Kentucke,” 1775. (Ms79-153)

May 11
Mother's Day on the Rhine booklet produced by the YMCA, 1919. (Ms2013-098)

May 12
Scorecard and ticket stub for Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Milwaukee Braves baseball game, 1947, the first year Jackie Robinson played Major League Baseball. (Ms2009-139) (Ar1748)

May 13
Letter, William S. Morgan to C. S. Morgan, regarding high probability of war with Mexico, 1836. (Ms79-1)

May 14
Correspondence from Danske Dandridge to Dr. Ward regarding editor of American Magazine has re-written her poem and ruined it, 1887. (Ms80-133)

May 15
John F. Kennedy letter regarding visit to West Virginia during the presidential primary, 1959. (Ms2017-16)

May 16
CL Grafflin letter to Henry J. Samuel labeling Mary Ogden as a “dangerous woman,” 1862. (Ar1722)

May 17
Program, Second Annual West Virginia High School Track and Field Meet, West Virginia University, Morgantown, 1919. (Sc2016-016)

May 18
Program for Presentation Ceremonies, Army-Navy Production “E” Award to the men and women of the Silman Manufacturing Corporation, Arthurdale, 1945. (Ms2017-16)

May 19
Letter, Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico, to S.B. Elkins, Washington, 1896. (Ms80-160)

May 20
Rules and Regulations Governing Washington-Carver 4-H Camp, 1949. (Ms2018-001)

May 21
Aaron F. Corner, asking to have the bridge over Stony River reconstructed, 1877. (Ar1726)

May 22
Correspondence from King Hussein of Jordan to Congressman John Slack, 1975. (Ms2007-059)

May 23
Ritchie County Election Records for the vote on Ordinance of Secession, 1861. (Ar2033)

May 24
James McDonald requesting permission for Alexandria Light Infantry to pass through portion of West Virginia, 1879 (Ar1726)

May 25
Gilmer County Clerk Records vote on allowing sale of liquor, 1854. (Ar2090)

May 26
I. C. White, State Geologist, letter regarding geological survey funds, 1915. (Ms83-2)

May 27
Telegram, Arthurdale, about opening of town and Eleanor Roosevelt attending, 1938. (Ms2010-064)

May 28
Proclamation of Gov. Pierpont to Gov. Boreman announcing Berkeley County vote to join West Virginia held May 28, 1863. (Ms79-244)

May 29
Unveiling of Captain William Henshaw Monument, Bunker Hill, West Virginia, 1926. (Sc82-190)

May 30
Front page of first issue of Socialist and Labor Star Newspaper following the destruction of their press, 1912. (Miscellaneous Newspapers, West Virginia State Archives)

May 31
Alfred Beckley letter from Camp Chase, requesting exchange, 1862. (Ar1722)

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