Doc of the Day


November 1
Program for the first Mountain State Forest Festival, 1930. (394.5 M928)

November 2
Good roads amendment brochure, 1920. The amendment received an overwhelming majority statewide. (Ms2006-100)

November 3
Correspondence from Henry J. Samuels to Joseph Darr Jr., Wheeling, 1862. Finding two prisoners physically unfit for military duty, Samuels asked that both be released from duty. (Ar1722)

November 4
Certificate of Naturalization for Isabella Justin Cruise, 1943. (Ms91-34)

November 5
Political tickets for 1860 election - Virginia Republican ticket Lincoln/Hamlin and Democratic ticket Breckinridge/Lane. (Sc89-20)

November 6
Richie County election returns, presidential election of 1860. (Ar2033)

November 7
Linsly School contract with State for use of “Academy building and grounds therewith connected” as the first state capitol building, 1863. (Ar1748)

November 8
Broadside (1806) advertising a pamphlet that described Abel Clemmens’s murder of his wife and eight children on the night of November 8, 1805. Clemmens admitted to the killings and was hanged. (Ms78-1)

November 9
Sylvanus W. Hall letter to Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Kelley requesting removal of Lewisburg Court records to Charleston, 1863. (Ms80-265)

November 10
J. Alfred Taylor letter of congratulations to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1932. (Ms2018-005)

November 11
Poster for Avenue of Flags dedication at the VA Medical Center in Beckley, 1982. (Ms2010-071)

November 12
Title page for the Christian Panoply, the first book printed in present-day West Virginia, 1797. (RB)

November 13
Sadie Hawkins Day poster, “That’s Mah Big Day,” 1948. (Ms2019-001)

November 14
Telegram from President-elect John F. Kennedy to Senator Jennings Randolph congratulating him on his election and thanking him for service on his campaign, 1960. (Ms2017-016)

November 15
Herald-Advertiser front page reporting the Marshall plane crash the night before, 1970. (MN-17:22)

November 16
H. Hagan letter to Charles S. Morgan regarding warrant for 10,000 acres of land, 1836. (Ms79-1)

November 17
Letter, Alexander B. Dyer, Chief of Ordnance of the United States Army, to Governor William E. Stevenson concerning possible sale of Harpers Ferry property, 1869. (Ar1724)

November 18
Teacher's monthly summary report for Elk District, Harrison County, 1885. (Ms79-204)

November 19
Program for the Eighty-Third anniversary of the dedication of National Cemetery and Gettysburg Address, 1946. (Ms2017-016)

November 20
Cover of Heisler Geared Locomotive instruction book, 1963. (Ms79-252)

November 21
Sworn bounty document of John Riggleman claiming bounty for red fox scalp, 1882. (Ar2095)

November 22
Statement by Senator Jennings Randolph regarding death of President John F. Kennedy, 1963. (Ms2017-016)

November 23
Chief Petty Officer’s Thanksgiving menu, USS West Virginia, 1939. (Sc2002-030)

November 24
News release regarding Charleston High Band participation in the Macy’s 34th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1960. (Ms2009-138)

November 25
Broadside for the “Sixty Shots per Minute Henry’s Patent Repeating Rifle,” n.d. (Ar382)

November 26
Reprint of Lincoln's 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1945. (Ms78-1)

November 27
Governor Arthur I. Boreman letter to Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Kelley, regarding complaint about seizure of prisoners by General Scammon, 1863. (Ar1723)

November 28
Correspondence from Governor Howard M. Gore to J. Alfred Taylor informing him of his appointment to the West Virginia Historical Society, 1925. (Ms2018-005)

November 29
Letter from Charles P. Light to Senator Howard Sutherland expressing happiness over proposed good roads legislation, 1912. (Ms83-2)

November 30
Program from the dedication service for the Winfield-Red House Bridge, 1957. (Ar1803)

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