Doc of the Day


October 1
Aero Club of Charleston constitution and bylaws, 1927. (Sc2003-227)

October 2
Poster from presidential election featuring Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland and running mate Thomas A. Hendricks, 1884. Cleveland won the election by fewer than 1,200 popular votes to become the first Democrat to win since the Civil War. The town of Hendricks, Tucker County, was named for Thomas A. Hendrick in 1894.(Z21-11)

October 3
Correspondence from John B. Wilkinson, prosecuting attorney for Logan County, asking Governor A. B. Fleming if there are rewards or requests for any of Hatfield gang, 1891. (Ar1729)

October 4
Broadside, Great Democratic Demonstration Martinsburg, 1884. (Sc85-186)

October 5
New Testament carried in the breast pocket of night watchman Robert Hanson. Early in the morning of October 5, 1978, an intruder shot Hanson in the chest as he made his rounds in the American Cancer Society office, Charleston. The bible stopped the .22 caliber bullet just short of piercing his chest, leaving a bruise. (Sc80-317)

October 6
Program for the Wheeling Park vs. Oak Glen football game, 1978. Wheeling Park defeated Oak Glen 12-0. (Ms2009-150)

October 7
Order appointing Robert Patterson Prosecuting Attorney of Pleasants County, following the death of W. W. Hall, 1882. (Ar2087)

October 8
Menu from the RMS Majestic, 1928. Built in Germany as the Bismarck, she was transferred to Great Britain following World War I as a war reparation. When she went into service for White Star Line in 1922, the ship was billed as the “World’s Largest Ship.” (Ms2008-100)

October 9
Charles James Faulkner, emancipation of slave William Piper, October 9, 1848. (Ar2089)

October 10
Program for the 135th Anniversary of Battle of Point Pleasant, 1909. (Sc82-164)

October 11
Dedication of the Mason County Regional Agricultural Museum, 1980. (Sc2014-001)

October 12
Letter and invoice of materials sent by Capt. John H. Oley to the 5th West Virginia Infantry, October 12, 1861. (Ms2009-096)

October 13
Program, First Anniversary of the Union Mission Settlement of Charleston held at the Burlew Opera House, 1912. (Bumgardner)

October 14
West Virginia Labor History Hall of Honor ceremony program, 2007. (Sc2008-070)

October 15
Booklet on Red Sulphur Springs Hotel, 1897. (Sc96-86)

October 16
Fayette Tribune advertisement for baseball game featuring Cincinnati Reds at Glen Jean, October 9, 1913. (MN-17)

October 17
John Henry Comstock, professor of Natural History, to William Henry Edwards requesting Mr. Edwards's photo for new laboratory at Cornell University to place among prominent workers in American entomology, 1871. (Ms79-2)

October 18
Invitation for John C. Norman to appear in Tony Brown’s documentary, When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, 1978. (Ms2014-074)

October 19
Cover of The Bridge of Communication, address by Amos Thornburg, WV Wesleyan, 1962. (Xwe1.9:B7)

October 20
Achievement Day, “Reaping the Harvest” program from Monongalia County Home Demonstration Council, Camp Muffly, 1966. (Ms2018-001)

October 21
Booklet for the Tri-State Marching Band Festival held at Fairfield Stadium, Marshall University, 1978. (Xma1.9:M3)

October 22
New River Gorge Bridge Dedication schedule, 1977. (Ms2006-016)

October 23
Program from West Virginia University vs. Washington & Lee University in football at Exhibition Park, Charleston, 1915. In the final minutes of the game, WVU Coach Metzger challenged a call and decided to withdraw the team from the field. The officials awarded Washington & Lee with the win by forfeit. (Sc85-130)

October 24
Richie County election returns, vote on new state of Kanawha, 1861. (Ar2033)

October 25
James Evans letter from Barbour County to Capt. Francis Marion Smith at Smithton (now Smithburg), 1894. (Ms78-10)

October 26
C. L. Duckworth, request for money to buy election votes, 1912. (Ms83-2d)

October 27
“The West Virginia Plan" educational newsletter, 1938. (Ms2006-040)

October 28
Map of the Oglebay-Norton mine disaster, where a gas explosion killed fourteen miners instantly, 1958.

October 29
Huntington Choral Association presentation of Aida, 1915. (Sc82-205)

October 30
Dwight D. Eisenhower letter of gratitude to Cecil Underwood, 1958. (Ar1803)

October 31
John Brown letter to wife, Mary, written from prison and describing the raid on Harpers Ferry, 1859. (78-1)

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