Doc of the Day


September 1
Program from the 3rd annual Sternwheel Regatta, Charleston, 1973. (Sc2003-065)

September 2
Blair Mountain correspondence, 1921. (Ms90-82)

September 3
Program from the dedication of the Summersville Dam, 1966. (Ms2017-016)

September 4
Letter from Dear Abby to Senator Jennings Randolph, 1963. (Ms2017-016)

September 5
Letter written from “Somewhere in Italy” by Roy Edwin Kessel while serving in the 106th Station Hospital, 1944. (Ms2007-004)

September 6
Ira Dye of Doddridge County, application for resident hunter's license, 1909. (Ar2086)

September 7
T. C. Atkeson appeal to William A. MacCorkle requesting his assistance in being appointed to Chair of Agriculture at West Virginia University, 1893. (Ar1730)

September 8
Program of activities for Freshman Week at West Virginia University, September 8-15, 1957. (Ms2009-126)

September 9
Colonel J. D. Nicholls, 103rd Regiment Virginia Militia, writing to Henry J. Samuels to request a special order to call out the Militia to drill as well as Home Guard and to inform him of trouble in filling companies with volunteers going in U. S. Service and strong secessionist group, 1862. (Ar1722)

September 10
William Clark Reynolds diary entry for the Battle of Carnifex Ferry, 1861. (Ms79.18)

September 11
Charleston Daily Mail front page from September 11, 2001.

September 12
I. C. White, State Geologist, letter to James S. Lakin, President, State Board of Control, 1916. (Ar1720)

September 13
The Kanawha Valley Carbider newsletter Vol. 17, No. 36, 1974

September 14
“To the People of Western Virginia” by CSA Major General William W. Loring, 1862. (Sc2013-033)

September 15
Records of meeting of the commissioners appointed to run the boundary line of the land grant of Lord Fairfax, which included the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, 1746. (Ms79-3)

September 16
Dedication of Temple Israel, Charleston, 1960. (Ms2006-016)

September 17
Letter, President George Washington to Secretary of War Timothy Pickering proposing that the federal government establish an armory and arsenal at Harpers Ferry, 1795. (B W27 Coll)

September 18
Concord University Convocation, 1963. During the ceremony an honorary degree was conferred upon Nannie Bee Gore Hearn, class of 1883. (Xco 1.9:C65)

September 19
Letter from Nathan Boone of St. Charles, MO, to his nephew Jesse Van Bibber, 1831. (Ms80-179)

September 20
Floor plan, Hill Motor Company Garage, Berwind, McDowell County, 1921. (A. E. Wolford)

September 21
Joseph M. Starling letter to Charles S. Morgan concerning a bill to build a turnpike road from Winchester to a point along the Ohio River, 1830. (Ms79-1)

September 22
McDowell County Sheriff Office report on seized property, 1926. (Ar2094)

September 23
Program, Farewell to Raleigh County Soldiers, 1917. (Ms2006-104)

September 24
Remarks made by Senator Jennings Randolph introducing Eleanor Roosevelt at the dedication of the Arthurdale Community Presbyterian Church, 1960. (Ms2017-016)

September 25
Cover of the Mining Extension Instruction Pamphlet S-1, 1917. (Xwv 1. Mer 1. Mex 1. 3: 3-2)

September 26
Telegram announcing death of Ray Skidmore during action, 1918. (Ms94-48)

September 27
Naming of Okey Patteson Drive in Morgantown, 1960 (Sc2007-076)

September 28
Handbook issued to soldiers by the US Army during Desert Storm, 1990. (Ms2003-104)

September 29
Letter, Wilson W. Werninger to H. J. Samuels, resigning as 1st Lieutenant tending to the wounded at Ft. McHenry and later commissioned as Captain, Company B, 3rd Regiment, 1862. (Ar1722)

September 30
Pamphlet Caperton presents The West Virginians, a half hour film focused on nine West Virginians and their contributions to the history of the state, 1996. (Cul 1. 9/10: W4)

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