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Recollections of Bazaleel Wells, "who emigrated to
this country in 1779," related to Dr. Draper in 1845.

From Documentary History of Dunmore's War, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites and Louise Phelps Kellogg (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1905), p. 16

Logan's family &ampc. - Cresap's party had killed an Indian at mouth of Capteen, the day before the affair at Baker's & also one killd. in canoe above Wheeling. Greathouse & his party from Cross Creek, thinking the war now broke out, went to Bakers, concealed themselves, & engaged Baker to get the Indians drunk one of whom got drunk, took down a military coat & put it on, swaggering around swearing "I am white man," when John Sappington shot him. Then the Inds. dropped down in canoes to see wht. was done when Greathouse's party shot in & killed at least one. Then killed others in camp, Logan's sister etc.

Dunmore's War

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