Concord College

Acts of the Legislature


An Act to locate a Branch State Normal School
in Concord, in the county of Mercer.

Passed February 28, 1872.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

1. That a branch state normal school be established at the town of Concord, in the county of Mercer: Provided, that the building recently erected in said town for a court house and jail, and the land on which the same is situated, together with not less than five acres of land adjacent thereto, shall, for the purposes of said school, be conveyed by the persons, or persons, having title to the same in fee; for the purposes aforesaid: And, provided further, that the said buildings shall be furnished and fitted up for the convenience of such school without charge to the state.

2. Said school shall be under the jurisdiction and control of the regents of the state normal schools, in the same manner and to the same extent, as the other state normal schools.

3. When the board of regents shall ascertain that the conveyance mentioned in the first section of this act, has been duly executed, and shall have sufficient assurance that said buildings will be completed in a reasonable time and sufficient building accommodations shall be furnished, it shall be the duty of said board of regents to proceed to organize said school.


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