Lewisburg Female Institute

Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia
Passed in 1857-8

Richmond: William F. Ritchie, Public Printer, 1858

Capt. 358. - An ACT to incorporate the Lewisburg female institute.

Passed April 7, 1858.

1. Be it enacted by the general assembly, that for the purpose of maintaining in the town of Lewisburg in Greenbrier county an institution of higher learning for the education of females, it shall be lawful for Floyd Estill, John Withrow, David J. Ford, James N. Montgomery, Thomas Mathews and Johnson E. Bell, or any two of them, to open books for subscriptions in the town of Lewisburg, to an amount not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars, in shares of twenty dollars each, to constitute a joint capital stock for the purposes aforesaid.

2. The proceedings of the commissioners shall, consistently with this act, be in conformity with the first, third, fourth and fifth sections of chapter fifty-seven of the Code; and whenever the stock shall have been taken to the amount of five thousand dollars, the subscribers shall, by the name of The Lewisburg Female Institution Company, be entitled to the benefit of the sixth section thereof, to be entitled and subject thereafter to the provisions of all existing general laws of this commonwealth applicable to this company, and not inconsistent with this act.

3. The said company shall have authority to confer such certificates, diplomas and literary titles, and in such manner as they shall think best calculated to promote the cause of female education.

4. This act shall be in force from its passage, and shall be subject to repeal or modification, at the pleasure of the general assembly.


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