Morgantown Female Academy

Acts Passed at a General Assembly
of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Richmond: Thomas Ritchie, 1831.

CHAP. CXCI. - AN ACT confirming the sale of a lot and house belonging to the Monongalia academy, and authorizing the trustees thereof to establish a female seminary.

(Passed March 23, 1831.)

Whereas it is represented to the present general assembly, by the trustees of the Monongalia academy in Morgantown, in the county of Monongalia, that in consequence of the purchase of a lot of ground, and the erection thereon of a large edifice, it was deemed advisable to sell a lot and house owned by said trustees, as a part of the property of said academy, and that.doubts are entertained whether said trustees could legally make such sale: therefore,

1. Be it enacted by the general assembly, That the sale of the lot and/house aforesaid, by the said trustees, shall be, and the same is hereby ratified and confirmed; and that it shall be lawful for said trustees, in their corporate character, to make such conveyance thereof, and at such time as they may deem necessary and proper.

2. Be it further enacted, That the trustees of the Monongalia academy shall be, and they are hereby authorized to establish as a department, an academy separate and distinct from the male academy, for the education of females, under the like authority as prescribed by the act, entitled, "an act incorporating trustees of the Monongalia academy, and for other purposes," passed November the twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and fourteen; and the said female academy, with its appurtenances, shall be held as a part of the property and effects of said trustees, under their act of incorporation. The said trustees shall have power to purchase any lot of ground, and erect thereon and keep in repair such buildings as they may deem necessary for the purposes of such seminary; and the expenses of the same shall be paid out of any money under the controul of said trustees.

3. This act shall commence and be in force from the passing thereof.


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