Morgantown Female Academy

Acts of the General Assembly of the
State of Virginia passed in 1859-60
Richmond: William F. Ritchie, 1860.

CHAP. 268. - An ACT amending the act passed January 30, 1839, entitled an act to incorporate the Trustees of Morgantown Female Academy, and for other purposes.

Passed March 21,1860.

Be it enacted by the general assembly, that the first and second sections of the act entitled an act to incorporate the trustees of Morgantown female academy, and for other purposes, passed January thirtieth, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, be amended and re-enacted so as to read as follows:

"§ 1. That William Lazier, Guy R. C. Allen, Weightman T. Willey, George Hill and Reuben B. Taylor be and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the name and style of The Trustees of the Morgantown Female Collegiate Institute; and by that name, shall have perpetual succession, and a common seal; may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, with power to purchase, receive and hold, to them and their successors forever, any lands, tenements, rents, goods and chattels of what kind soever, which may be purchased by or be devised or given to them, for the use of the institute; and to lease, rent, or sell or otherwise dispose of the same, in such manner as shall seem most conducive to the advantage of said institute: provided, that the lands, goods and chattels so authorized to be held shall not exceed in amount or value the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars: and provided, that not less than a majority of the trustees for the time being shall be sufficient to authorize the sale or mortgage of any real estate belonging to said institute.

"§ 2. That the said trustees and, their successors shall have power to appoint a president, tutors, treasurer, librarian, and such other officers as they may deem necessary; to make and establish from time to time such by-laws rules and regulations, not contrary to the laws of this state or of the United States, as they may judge necessary for the good government of said institute, and to select, appoint and employ such principal or principals for said institute, as they may from time to time deem necessary, who, by and with the advice and consent of said trustees, shall have authority to confer literary degrees, and to grant diplomas to such of the pupils of said institute as shall become candidates therefor and be adjudged entitled thereto: and the trustees may from time to lime, as they shall think proper, enlarge their number, so as that the greatest number shall never exceed twenty: provided, that said additional trustees shall not be appointed by a vote less than a majority of all the trustees for the lime being. Five trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of ordinary business; but no sale, lien or liability, by deed of trust, mortgage or otherwise, shall be made of, or created on any real estate of said institute, by less than a majority of all the trustees for the time being. Any vacancy or vacancies among the trustees, occasioned by death, resignation or legal disability, shall be supplied by appointment of the board."


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