Organization of the West Virginia Academy of Science

Morgantown Post
November 29, 1924

Bancroft Now Head Of State Science Order

First Annual Conference Ends With Recommendation For New Building and Museum

With Dr. George R. Bancroft, of West Virginia University as its first president, and its aim included in the recommendations to be made to the State Board of Control for a new science building and museum at the State Institution here, the Academy of Science closed its first annual conference here last night. The final meeting was held last evening, when the conference members heard Dr. Francis H. Herrick of Western Reserve University speak on the topic, "The Bird and Animal Instinct and Intelligence."

Officers were elected and resolutions were read during the business meeting held yesterday afternoon, Dr. Bancroft, who is associate professor of physiological chemistry in the local institution, being named president of the scientific body. The other officers elected were Prof. B. R. Welmer of Bethany College, vice-president, vice-president: Dr. John Eiseland, professor mathematics in the University, secretary, and Prof. A. B. White of Marshall College, treasurer.

The new organization, which will be affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, also went on record during its sessions here as being opposed to the plan of the West Virginia Stadium Corporation to build an eight-foot wall on the curved portion of the Stadium. The scientific body did not favor this plan as it felt that the state should conserve her natural resources and natural beauties and believed that the wall would prevent a view of the structure and the natural scenery from the Sunnyside bridge.

The organization meeting of the new order was attended chiefly by science instructors from the various institutions in the state. Including the University. Fairmont Normal School, Marshall College, Bethany College and Salem College. The complete organization will include in its member ship all science leaders in West Virginia. Many of the West Virginia Academy members will attend the annual meeting of the national association in Washington, D.C. in December. It was announced yesterday.

Additional activities during the conference included, group meetings yesterday morning; a demonstration in physics by Dr. R. G. Colwell and staff of the University: afternoon sectional meetings, dinner at 6 o' clock in the University cafeteria; inspection of the University buildings and equipment conducted by Prof. G. A. Bergy, and a trip through the Connellsville By-Product Company, mine in Scott's Run. The mine trip was conducted by Prof. C. E. Lawall head of the mining extension department in the University.


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