Gloria Swanson and the Filming of "Stage Struck"

Wetzel Democrat
August 20, 1925

Gorgeous Gloria Captivates City

Filming of "Stage Struck" Well Under Way

The Green-Eyed Monster Peers At Us From Wheeling

The Wheeling Register and Wheeling Intelligencer have been affording Miss Swanson and her company and the people in general considerable amusement during the last few days with articles belittling New Martinsville and its people and their visitors. Peering between the lines one can plainly see the green- eyed monster furious because of the fact that in the quest for a locale for the production of "Stage Struck" the Wetzel county metropolis and the lovely countryside, and not West Virginia's second city, was recognized by Gorgeous Gloria and the Famous Players Lasky Company as the most beautiful locality on inland waters in America. Since coming to this city Miss Swanson and her entire entourage have expressed their delight at the scenic grandeur of this part of the Ohio Valley and the affability and hospitality of our people, who, being unused to dealing with such dirty-minded tactics as have been employed by the pseudo reporters for the Register and Intelligencer, find it difficult to descend to their level in retaliation. That the reporters who wrote the articles, as well as the members of the editorial staff who let them pass for publication, have, by so doing, deported themselves in an ungentlemanly, caddish manner, is evident by a perusal of the articles themselves.

It is deplorable that the good people of New Martinsville and vicinity, while acting as hosts to welcome guests, cannot pursue their pleasure without molestation by outside newspapers virtually assuming the role of the uncouth and uncultured roughneck who delights in breaking up some other person's social affair. The fact that in the past two days, because of these "writeups," many orders heretofore given Wheeling wholesale houses by New Martinsville merchants have been cancelled, and that directions have been given to several Wheeling concerns for their salesmen to cease calling on New Martinsville business houses should, we think, be sufficient incentive for the business people of the second city to call to account the above-named newspapers for their inconsiderate and unkind aspersions upon the good people of this section, whose friendship and good will, it seems, the newspapers value lightly.

No matter what "dope" these irresponsible reporters may hand out to the people in their lies and misrepresentations, the fact remains, as is proven by the recognition of the Famous Players Lasky Company and Miss Swanson, that New Martinsville, the "parlor city," and not Wheeling, is the most beautiful spot on the Ohio river hence the rantings of the green-eyed monster.

Grounds And Park Rapidly Being Put In Condition For Picnic
Mr. Lally, construction foreman for the Famous Players Lasky Corporation, with his crew of carpenters, is preparing Emch Park for the old time picnic at which an important scene of Miss Swanson's latest motion picture will be staged.

The entire plant of the E. F. Phillips Lumber Company together with their fleet of trucks have been placed at the complete service of this world famous artist and her company who has so signally honored New Martinsville by their coming. The big Packards of the Phillips Fleet have been loaned to the corporation during their stay for mounting the large generator sets used in filming the play.

This week the plant is busy turning out millwork, making tables in preparation for the picnic scene and delivering lumber to Emch Park and other places. The management of the distinguished visiting company has declared the Phillips Service the best they ever had in their extensive experience in lumber and mill work lines which play an important part in stage settings.

Personnel of Gloria's Company

Miss Gloria Swanson, Miss Gertrude Astor, Mr. Lawrence Grey, Mr. Ford Sterling, Mr. Emil Hoch.

Director Allen Dwan, 1st assistant Rodney Hickock, 2nd assistant Harold Foshay, assistant Joe Pasterback, Continuity Miss Bee, Costumes Mr. Rene Hubert, props Walter Rossi, publicity Mr. Poe, comedy director Arvil Gillstrom, 1st camera George Weber, 2nd camera Lee Tover, assistant camera Frank Landi, assistant camera Karl Thomas, still man B. Backrash, location and financial manager Arthur Cozine, are director, Van Nest Polglase, engineer William Palmer, hair dress Adolph Senz, double Miss Lorraine, maid Mrs. Storey.

Marquis de la Falaise.

Jack McLain, Jim Cassady, Alfred Mack, Tom Brook, Eddie James, assistant director, Harry O'Neill, Leslie Hunt, Fred O'Beck, Jack Halliday, Edward Garvey assistant director.

Peggy Parn, Dorothy King, Margaret Kelly, Mervyne Chapman, Emily Chichester, Fannie Fox, Nellie Seymour, Jeanne Greene, Mariam Curran, Margie Whittington, Martha McGraw, Alva McGill, Beatrice Jordon.

Mrs. Kasper, Wanda Rehn, Marila Rowland, Dorothy Duke, Alice Harris, Gladys Keck, Francine Dowd, Dorothy Worth, Erminie Gagnon, Agatha Frederic, Edith Curtis, Kitty Ryan, Grace Brown, Mary Pearce, Ethel Fisher, Leanne Lorraine, Peggy Quinn, Margaret Daily, Alba Lyndall, Mildred Churchill, Grace Alice Durkin, Ruby Blaine, Laurette Rehm, Jeanne Cox, Madeline Lubetty, Renita Ashley, Irene Wilson, Ruth Wilcox, Olga Casper, Patricia Pursely, Eleanor Reade, Jacqueline De Rodier, Valeria Lavella, Gladys Nash, Stell Hackney.

Electricians and Others
J. Kennedy, R. Fitzegerald, L. Natress, J. Wharton, W. Eickhoff, J. Rose, H. Turi, K. Styles, E. Lytholl, S. Reich, W. Lally carpenter, A. Panzi painter, I. Osterhoff prop man, E. Butler prop man, L. Biroc prop man.

Actual filming of Gloria's great picture, "Stage Struck," was begun of Tuesday of this week with the "shooting," in the afternoon, of a number of scenes around the local wharf and on the floating theatre "Water Queen." Miss Swanson did some work on the boat during the day, and, in the evening, appeared and thanked the big crowd that was jammed in the auditorium of the "Water Queen" to furnish the "atmosphere" for the scenes that will feature Gloria's rise in the theatrical world from the position of waitress in a restaurant.

There were assembled at the wharf Tuesday evening no less than 2500 persons to witness the work of the Famous Players organization, and it was a gay throng. The company had a number of powerful electric lights in operation preparatory to filming the crowd going up the stage plank of the show boat, buying tickets and going in to see the show, when the palatial excursion steamer "Washington," bearing a merry throng from New Matamaras, Sistersville and Paden City, swung into the harbor with thousands of lights of varied colors gleaming from stem to stern. Thus there were presented to view at one time the great lights used for filming, the beautiful show boat, gaily bedecked, the brilliantly lighted excursion palace and the throng of people, all of which, against the background presented by the countryside across the Ohio, made a scene that beggars description. A very amusing incident of the evening occurred when, at a signal that all was in readiness for the crowd to start on the boat, Ford Sterling, the comedian, who was in full dress and with an unusually large "stove pipe" hat, began "barking" for the show. He vociferously urged both the people on the wharf and those on the excursion steamer to attend the big show, the price of admission being only a "quawthah" of a dollar. A number of amusing scenes were also "shot" inside the boat.

The filming of many other scenes, both of individual acting and the countryside, is progressing, but it will be several days before the work is completed. Perhaps the biggest single set to be filmed will be the picnic scene in Clark's grove. It was intended to have the picnic Thursday, but postponement was necessary, and it will probably be Saturday, the 22nd. The public in general is invited.

Miss Mildred McCaskey, on behalf of the Women's Club, presented Gloria with a bouquet of flowers when she alighted from her special train. Gloria thanked her very sweetly as she accepted them.

Gloria inspected the Water Queen soon after her arrival. She was delighted with it as it was the first show boat she had ever seen.

The Noll home pleased Gloria very much. She was given Miss Rowena's bed room, over which she expressed delight.

Gloria makes friends with the children when making her way through the crowd from the Water Queen to the Noll home.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dancer of Wheeling journeyed to this city on Monday for just one glimpse of Gloria.

A young man from Parkersburg was taken off a freight train Monday evening and lodged in the county jail. On Tuesday morning he made affidavit that the only thing that brought him to this city was just to see Gloria. He was promptly released by members of the company.

From the amount of "sour grapes" emanating from Wheeling we would recommend that the Chamber of Commerce get busy and locate a grape juice factory there.

"Hello boys, I like your town very much." This is what Gloria said to some of the boys on the wharf, after she had inspected the Water Queen and her home.

A transformer of 2200 volts has been installed between the Riverview Hotel and the New Martinsville Bank.

The beautiful picnic grounds in Clark's field on the South Side are in readiness for Gloria's picnic.

Gloria created quite a sensation in the city Tuesday when she appeared on the street in her "make up".

The Marquis was canoeing on the beautiful Ohio on Monday afternoon.

In a neat little speech to the audience of "Stage Struck," Gloria thanked the people of the town for their generous hospitality and hearty co-operation.

Marietta had the nerve to send men here trying to take the Gloria Swanson company from here, there. They were politely refused.

Two local girls are on duty at the Noll residence as maids.

The girls from Gloria's company indulged in bathing in the Ohio river on Monday afternoon.

The Homestead Grays play baseball here on Monday. A game on that day was called off with Sistersville all on account of Gloria.

Quite a crush of the Water Queen Tuesday night.

Scenes for "Stage Struck" were being made on the Water Queen all day on Wednesday.

Already, all the girls are wanting their hair cut just like Gloria's.

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