Gloria Swanson and the Filming of "Stage Struck"

Wetzel Democrat
August 21, 1925

Governor Gore Visits Gloria

Wheeling Papers Make Feeble Excuses for Their Base Canards

Thousands Come Here To See Great Film Star

Wheeling Papers Make Feeble Amends

Making only feeble gestures toward amendment for the unkind aspersions of their pseudo reporters upon the personnel of the Gloria Swanson company and the people of New Martinsville, the Wheeling Register and Wheeling Intelligencer have so far failed to come forward, as would seem to be the proper and polite procedure, to offer apology for the offense of their scribes in writing, and the equally great offense of the members of their editorial staffs who passed for publication, articles the effect of which is to hold New Martinsville and her people up to ridicule as "boobs," "green-horns" and "hicks," and to humiliate members of Miss Swanson's company. This in spite of the fact that the ire of the entire population of this community and of the merchants and other good people of their own city has been raised to such a high pitch that condemnation of such ungentlemanly and unsportsmanlike behavior on the part of those responsible for the publication of the articles can be heard on all sides. It is not usual with persons of gentle breeding to DEMAND an apology HENCE NONE IS DEMANDED, the matter being left to the discretion of the offending party. Those against whom an offense has been committed, however, may and do doubt do think much but say little as to their opinions of the actions of the scribes who evidently have been prompted by jealous motives to belittle another city and its inhabitants. Language sufficiently forceful to adequately express those opinions would hardly be fit to print, at any rate. These "smart" fellows, in endeavoring to make the public laugh at our expense, have placed the managerial and editorial staffs of the Register and Intelligencer in an embarassing situation from which it is difficult to retreat without public apology but, as stated, none is DEMANDED.

There always has existed between the people of Wheeling and New Martinsville a very friendly feeling. They have carried on a trade with a yearly balance of many thousands of dollars in favor of the larger city, and there is presented to one's mind a question as to whether or not those who belittle us in the eyes of others appreciate our money more than our friendship. While our minds are on the subject of "small town stuff" let us not be unmindful of the fact that although Wheeling may be West Virginia's second city, the stogie town seems not to be of such great importance as the Wheeling scribes would try to make it appear in comparison with our little city, as is evidenced by inquiries of our eastern visitors as to where Wheeling is and whether or not it is as large as New Martinsville. If the importance of Wheeling were to be gauged by its size, our impression is that it would be second in West Virginia and perhaps 450th in the Union.

Gloria Presented With Flowers and Cake
Mrs. J. R. Anderson, Miss Myrtle Stewart, Miss Cutter and Mrs. Schreck composed a party from Parkersburg who visited Gloria on Thursday afternoon. The party waited on the porch of the Neil residence, where Gloria is making her home while here, until she came from the Water Queen, where films are being made of her latest picture, "Stage Struck." She came from the boat at five o'clock, wearing her "make-up." Mrs. Anderson of the Parkersburg party, upon the arrival of Miss Swanson, presented her with a gorgeous boquet of pink roses, and a corsage of lilies of the valley and Aaron Wars roses. Swanson was almost overcome with gratitude. She thanked them in her usual sweet manner and said, "I have been every place, but nowhere have I been treated finer" that they were in love with this place and would like to live here. Miss Swanson asked Allan Dwan how long they would be here, saying that she was not ready to leave for a while, and he said she had better send for heavier clothes, indicating that their stay here would be indefinite. While the party was still on the porch, Rev. J. G. Baugh presented Gloria with a beautiful angel cake, and told her that the best was none too good for her and New Martinsville wanted her to have the best. She took the cake in her hands and said, "And you made it!" The cake was used at dinner when Governor Gore was Gloria's guest.

A large box of cut flowers of all kinds came to Miss Swanson on Friday from the Acme Theatre at Barnesville, Ohio.

When meeting the Parkersburg party, Gloria said, "I regret having to see you in this dreadful make-up but I would rather see you this way than not at all."

An excursion on the Verne Swain will be run from Wheeling to New Martinsville, on Sunday, and Gloria has consented to appear on the boat. Henceforth the Vern Swain will be known as Gloria Swanson.

Misses Beatrice Yeater and Mildred McCaskey are taking care of the overflow of visitors.

Gloria was wonderful in her latest success, "Manhandled," at the Theatre Thursday evening.

"Never were we received so wonderfully," said Gloria.

Mrs. Matthew F. Zubak, Mrs. H. T. Phillips, Mrs. Schenk and Mrs. Thomas B. Foulk of Wheeling came to this city on Thursday hoping to get a glimpse of Gloria in action, which they did.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Longwell, on Friday, August 21st and has been named Helen Gloria. A box of baby supplies with Gloria's picture was promptly sent to the new arrival from Hornbrook's drug store.

New Martinsville, through Gloria, extends best wishes to little Gloria, who will be five years old in October, and who has her mother's winning smile and glorious eyes; also to little brother who is two and one-half years old.

Mrs. Mason Ambler, niece of the late Wm. Gay Brown, daughter of the late Wm. Gay (Junior) Brown, Mrs. Gale Ebbert and Mr. Theo. Stansbury, of Parkersburg, were in the city on Thursday to visit Gloria Swanson.

Mrs. Virginia Kelch and a party of friends of Clarington, Ohio, are visiting here today, trying to get a glimpse of Gloria.

Mr. B. B. Muhleman, in a short speech, announcing the arrival of Gloria Swanson and Governor Gore at the Lincoln Theatre on Thursday evening said, "We have with us the greatest film star in America and the Governor of the greatest state, West Virginia."

That tremendous interest has been created over a vast territory in the visit of Gloria Swanson and her company to New Martinsville for the purpose of filming her latest production "Stage Struck" is manifested by the constant stream of visitors to this city to catch a glimpse of the great star and her supporting cast and to get an insight into the manner in which moving pictures are made. Since their arrival here hundreds of people have been coming and going daily, many from points as distant as Pittsburg, Columbus, Wheeling, Clarksburg, and Parkersburg, and it is estimated that no less than ten thousand out-of-town folks have been in the city since Monday morning. The hotels are crowded, and scores of rooms have been secured in private homes for the accommodation of visitors. At the Riverview Hotel a bureau is being maintained by the Women's Club, with Misses Beatrice Yeater and Mildred McCaskey in charge, for the purpose of assisting visitors to secure quarters. Little trouble is being experienced, however, as the people have been very generous, and do not hesitate to afford rooming accommodations.

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