Gloria Swanson and the Filming of "Stage Struck"

Wetzel Democrat
August 27, 1925

Thousands Attend Gloria's Picnic

Popular Actress and Company Depart for New York Studio

Miss Swanson and Entourage Express Appreciation of Their Reception In This City


The Magnolia Serenaders played on the lawn of the Noll residence, Gloria's home while here, from four o'clock until ten P. M. Sunday.

Miss Jennie Winer was assisting Gloria's costumer to procure some important articles of clothing on Saturday afternoon.

On returning from a yacht ride on Sunday afternoon Gloria found a vast crowd waiting to get just one look at her. May called out to her as she passed through the long line of people. From the front porch of her home she said "Hello everybody." She made a short speech which was greeted with a tremendous applause.

Gloria looked extremely fascinating in an ensemble sport suit of blue with white.

"Come on let's go. I have seen what I waited all day to see." This is what a woman said after Gloria's return from her yacht ride.

Misses Beatrice Yeater and Mildred McCaskey are taking care of the overflow of visitors.

Gloria was wonderful in her latest success, "Manhandled," at the Theater, Thursday evening.

"Never were we received so wonderfully" said Gloria.

Mrs. Matthew F. Zubak, Mrs. H. B. Phillips, Mrs. Schenk, and Mrs. Thos. B. Foulk, of Wheeling came to this city on Thursday hoping to get a glimpse of Gloria in action.

A large box of cut flowers of all kinds came to Miss Swanson on Friday morning from the Acme Theatre at Barnesville, Ohio.

When meeting the Parkersburg party, Gloria said "I regret having to see you in this dreadful make-up, but would rather see you this way than not at all."

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Longwell on Friday, August 21st, and has been named Helen Gloria. A box of baby supplies with Gloria's picture was promptly sent to the new arrival from Hornbrook's drug store.

New Martinsville, through Gloria, extends best wishes to little Gloria, who will be five years old in October, and who has her mother's winning smile and glorious eyes, also to little brother who is two and one-half years old.

We predict that "Grove Park" will be a popular picnic place hereafter.

Mr. B. B. Muhleman, in a short speech announcing the arrival of Gloria Swanson and Governor Gore at the Lincoln Theater on last Thursday evening said, "We have with us the greatest film star in America and the governor of the greatest state, West Virginia."

Mrs. Virginia Kelch and a party of friends of Clarington, Ohio, were visitors here Friday, trying to get a glimpse of Gloria.

R. L. Pemberton of the St. Marys Oracle, with his wife and daughter Marjorie were visitors at Gloria Swanson's picnic.

All roads lead to New Martinsville, since the Gloria Swanson company is here.

The girls of Gloria's company attracted much attention at the picnic on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Coffield of this city and Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Shaffer of Paden City left Tuesday on a motor trip to Ohio. They had intended going several days ago, but postponed their trip on account of Gloria's visit.

Mayor Frank Wells Cark and Dr. W. C. Adams were in the movie when the winners of the race were presented with their prizes.

Lawrence Gray, Gloria's leading man, is very much favored by all the girls.

Gertrude Astor is sure some vamp.

Hope the Paramount Co. will select our city beautiful for another production.

One of the most interesting features of Gloria Swanson's picnic was the three legged race in which Gloria and Margie Evans, the large character woman of the company, took part.

It makes no difference how many times one sees Gloria, they are always want another look.

It would be hard to number the people who have visited the city during the past week, just to get one look at the famous movie star.

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