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January 2013

On January 2013, in preparation for the inauguration of Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, an exhibit was set up in the Archives and History Library on inaugurations of West Virginia's governors in the last 150 years. The exhibit was opened to attendees at an inaugural event on January 13 and remained in place through the first of February.

Arthur I. Boreman, 1863-1869Herman Guy Kump, 1933-1937
Daniel D. T. Farnsworth, 1869Homer A. Holt, 1937-1941
William E. Stevenson, 1869-1871Matthew M. Neely, 1941-1945
John J. Jacob, 1871-1877Clarence W. Meadows, 1945-1949
Henry M. Mathews, 1877-1881Okey L. Patteson, 1949-1953
Jacob B. Jackson, 1881-1885William C. Marland, 1953-1957
E. Willis Wilson, 1885-1890Cecil H. Underwood, 1957-1961
Aretas Brooks Fleming, 1890-1893William Wallace Barron, 1961-1965
William A. MacCorkle, 1893-1897Hulett C. Smith, 1965-1969
George W. Atkinson, 1897-1901Arch A. Moore Jr., 1969-1977
Albert B. White, 1901-1905John D. Rockefeller IV, 1977-1985
William M. O. Dawson, 1905-1909Arch A. Moore Jr., 1985-1989
William E. Glasscock, 1909-1913William Gaston Caperton III, 1989-1997
Henry D. Hatfield, 1913-1917Cecil H. Underwood, 1997-2001
John J. Cornwell, 1917-1921Robert E. Wise Jr., 2001-2005
Ephraim F. Morgan, 1921-1925Joseph Manchin III, 2005-2010
Howard M. Gore, 1925-1929Earl Ray Tomblin, 2010-present
William G. Conley, 1929-1933

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