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By Tiana Hall
Governor's Intern

In commemoration of the centennial of World War I, West Virginia Archives and History has created an online exhibit:"Together We Won the Great War: West Virginia and World War I." This exhibit offers a look into what the war was like for those serving abroad and at home, in addition to providing information about other movements during that time as well as the memorials and organizations that were formed after the war ended. Through photos, propaganda posters, letters, and audio-video materials, individuals will have the opportunity to learn about West Virginia's involvement in World War I.

Questions about the Web site should be directed to Mary Johnson, [email protected]. West Virginia Archives and History would welcome donations of World War materials, such as original letters and photographs. Anyone wishing to donate materials may contact Chuck Ocheltree, [email protected].

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Setting the Stage for War
Chapter Two: How World War I Shaped the State of West Virginia
Chapter Three: Abroad: West Virginians Who Fought in World War I or Aided Soldiers
Chapter Four: The Homefront and How West Virginians Contributed to World War I
Chapter Five: Other Movements During the Time
Chapter Six: After the War