1869 Capitol Cornerstone Laid

The West Virginia Journal
October 27, 1869

State House.

Ceremony of Laying Corner-Stone of This Edifice, November 3, 1869.

Order of Procession.

Tiler with drawn Sword;
Two Stewards with white Rods;
Master Masons;
Junior Deacons;
Senior Deacons;
Junior Wardens;
Senior Wardens;
Past Masters;
Present Masters.
Tiler of the Presiding Lodge, with drawn Sword;
Stewards with white Rods;
A Past Master with a Golden Vessel containing Corn;
Three Masters with Square, Level and Plumb;
Two past Masters with Silver Vessels, one containing Oil and the other Wine;
Secretary and Treasurer;
Five Master Masons carrying the Five Orders;
One large Light borne by two Past masters;
Deputy Grand Master, (if present;)
Clergy and Orator, if Masons;
Senior and Junior Warden;
Master of the oldest Lodge, carrying the Book of Constitutions on a Velvet Cushion;
Grand master
Deacons on each side of the Master, seven feet apart;
Two Stewards with white Rods;
Sword Bearer with Drawn Sword.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Sons of Temperance.
Fire Companies in uniform.
Board of Directors of the Company:Stockholders of the Company.
Reverend Clergy.
Mayor and Town Council.
Governor, Adjutant General, Attorney General
Secretary of State, Auditor and Treasurer.
Judges of the Court of Appeals.
Judges of Circuit Courts.
Judges of United States Courts.
Members of the State Senate.
Members of the House of Delegates.
Members of the Bar.
Clerks of Courts and Recorders.
United States officers.
County Supervisors.
Sheriffs of the County.
Invited Guests, other than Lodges and officers.
Strangers sojourning in the place.
Citizens of the Town and County.

All transient brother Masons and Odd Fellows, in good standing in their respective Orders, are invited to join in the procession with their brethren.

The procession will form at 11 o'clock, A. M., with the right resting on the cross street leading to the wharf at its intersection with Front street; and under the escort and direction of brothers W. S. Summers, as Chief Marshall, R. Q. Laidley and Maj. U. Slack, M. m., as assistants, mounted will proceed up Front street to the cross street next above Mr. J. H. Goshorn's residence, out that street to Main, down Main to the first marced [sic] cross street, thence out that street to Bridge street opposite the residence of Mr. Gillison, thence to the State House log, and to the building.

Seats will be provided for the ladies near the place for the ceremony.

Committee of Arrangements on part of Masonic Lodge:G. W. Atkinson, J. Shields, O. H. Merry.

Reception Committee on part of Directors of State House Company:Geo. Jeffries, G. Slack, T. B. Swann.

Committee on part of Town Council:Mayor Williams, J. W. Cracraft, W. E. G. Gillison, G. Ritter.

Should there be a large attendance from abroad, citizens are requested to give them entertainment during their stay in town.

Government and Politics