Removal of the State Capital to Charleston

Wheeling Intelligencer
March 29, 1870

THE CAPITAL ON THE WING. - At 5 A.M. yesterday the steamer Mountain Boy, from Charleston, despatched for the transportation of the Executive officers and their families, and the State archives, baggage, etc., to the new Capital at Charleston, arrived at the wharf. The Executive Committee appointed by the citizens of Charleston to escort the State officers to that place, waited upon Governor Stevenson at an early hour to give him formal notice of the fact. The committee consists of the following gentlemen: Messrs. Dr. A. E. Summers and Dr. Spicer Patrick, of Charleston, H. R. Howard and J. M. Phelps of Point Pleasant, and J. T. Bowyer, of Winfield.

The greater part of the day was occupied in transferring to the Mountain Boy, the boxes containing the books, paper, records, &c., of the executive offices, and the baggage and household goods of the officers, and at midnight last night, the Boy cast off her moorings and steamed down the river for the new Seat of Government, where we trust all will arrive safe and sound.

The following is the programme for the reception at Charleston:

Procession to be formed on Front St., with the left resting on the corner of Central Avenue, half an hour before the arrival of the Steamer at the Wharf. The Procession to be under command of Col. A. B. Jones, Marshal of the day, and to be arranged in the following order:

1st. The Charleston Brass Band.
2d. Company of U. S. Artillery.
3d. The Committee of Arrangements and Reception Committee, mounted.
4th. The Governor with all other Officers of the State, mounted.
5th. The Mayor and Council of Charleston, mounted.
6th. The Mayors and Councils of other Cities.
7th. The Judges of Court of Appeals and Circuit Courts.
8th. Members of the Bar.
9th. Representatives of all neighboring Cities.
10th. The Charleston Fire Company.
11th. The several Orders of Odd Fellows present.
12th. The Orders of Masons present.
13th. The Temperance Societies present.
14th. The Children of the Charleston Institute.
15th. The Children of the Union School.
16th. The Citizens generally.

On the arrival of the steamer, the Company of U. S. Artillery will proceed to the Wharf and fire a salute. The Company will then escort the Governor and all other officers to the front of R. Q. Laidley's Drug Store, on Front Street, where the Mayor and Council of Charleston will be in waiting to receive them, and deliver the address of welcome. On the conclusion of this address the line of march will be taken up in the order above indicated, and proceed up Front Street to Dunbar Street, thence up Dunbar Street to Church Street, thence down Church Street to Central Avenue and thence up Central Avenue to the residences provided for th Governor and other officers of State.

On the morning of the 30th instant, the Reception Committee, with a portion of the Committee of Arrangements, accompanied by the Charleston Brass Band, will go down the river on the steamboat Kanawha Belle and meet the State party. On going aboard the Mountain Boy, the Chairman of the Reception Committee is to deliver an address.

The Marshal has designated as his assistants, R. Q. Laidley and Noyes Rand.

The Committee of Arrangements consists of the following gentlemen:

Jas. M. Laidley, Wm. H. Hoorman, H. C. McWhorter, Nelson Mahan, Joseph Shields, J. H. Lowry.

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