Letter Written by D. D. T. Farnsworth
to His Parents While
Governor of West Virginia

The State of West Virginia
Executive Department,
Wheeling, Feb 27th, 1869

My very Dear Father and Mother,

I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that I have not forgotten you, and more especially since by the fource of circumstances which has placed me in the position which I now ocupy. I must confess that I owe my success in life, to the goodness of God, and the early training that I received from faithfull and ever to be honored parents. I have never yet forgotten, the last good and faithfull lesson which you gave me, when I first left your home. Nor have I forgotten the promises that I then made to keep and obey that council. I say this, because I feel that it is but a poor tribute to that respect which is due you. I send you a paper that will give you the strange news of the location of the Capitol at Charleston. I should be pleased to heare from you. My love to all. Your unworthy Son.

D.D.T. Farnsworth Governor.

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