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Albert Blakeslee White

Compiled by the West Virginia State Archives
September 22, 1856 - July 3, 1941
(R) Wood County
Elected governor in 1900

Albert Blakeslee White was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Marietta College. He was owner and editor of a newspaper in Lafayette, Indiana, before publishing the Parkersburg State Journal from 1882 to 1899. He became involved in politics as campaign manager for United States Senator Stephen B. Elkins and as the collector of internal revenue for the West Virginia district.

As governor, White focused on revising the constitution and the tax code. He favored placing more of the burden of taxes on corporations. Despite opposition from industry, the legislature enacted a series of tax reforms during a special session in July 1904. Most notably, the position of state tax commissioner was established to ensure that county officials assessed all property at its actual value. White also supported the pure food and drug act, election reform, environmental legislation, and railroad regulation.

After his term as governor, White served briefly as state tax commissioner. He was active in various banking and insurance businesses in Parkersburg. In 1916, he was defeated by Howard Sutherland for the Republican nomination for United States Senate, but returned to politics ten years later as a state senator. White died in Parkersburg in 1941.

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