House Resolution Supporting Decision of
President Woodrow Wilson To Break
Diplomatic Relations With Germany

Charleston Gazette February 6, 1917

West Virginia Solons Unite In Approval Of President's Actions In Present Crisis

Resolution Submitted By Delegate Haymond Says That Submission Would Be Humiliating and Endorses Patriotic Purposes In Maintaining Honor and Freedom for Nation.

President Woodrow Wilson was given assurance yesterday by the State Legislature that the people of West Virginia are united in their approval of his course in severing diplomatic relations with the Imperial Government of Germany.

That to submit to a violation of the fundamental rights involved in the controversy with the German government, would bring lasting humiliation and a loss of respect to the nation, is set forth in the resolution which endorses the patriotic purpose of the President to maintain our national honor and independence.

Delegate Frank C. Haymond, of Marion county, offered the resolution endorsing the course of the President in the House of Delegates immediately after the convening of the House of Delegates. It was taken up immediately for consideration and adopted by a viva voce vote.

When Delegate Haymond reported the resolution to the State Senate, Senator Fox asked unanimous consent for the resolution to be taken up for immediate consideration and his request was granted. After it was read Senator Carter, of Tyler county, asked for the reference of the resolution to the judiciary committee.

On the motion of Senator Carter for reference to the committee the vote in the senate stood: For Carter, Coalter, Cobun, Duty, Hough, Luther and McAboy; against, Arnold, Beckwith, Dodson, Fox, Gribble, Hogg, Kump, Lowe, Miller, Montgomery, Rosenbloom, Sinsel and Goodykoontz.

On the motion for the adoption of the resolution, Senator M. K. Duty, of Ritchie county, was the only member of the Senate who cast his vote in the negative although several others refrained from voting. Senator Duty expressed no reason for his action. Those who voted for the adoption of the resolution were: Arnold, Beckwith, Cobun, Dodson, Fox, Gribble, Hawley, Hogg, Kump, Lowe, Luther, McAboy, Montgomery, Rosenbloom, Sinsel and President Goodykoontz.

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