Recruitment of Immigrants

Charleston Gazette
September 13, 1907

Much Interest in Immigration

Governor Expects Large Attendance at Meeting Here Sept. 19

The Immigration Committee on Arrangements will begin to get busy on Monday afternoon for the meeting to be held on September 19th. Gov. Dawson expects a very large attendance, judging from the replies which are coming in daily.

The importance of this meeting is manifest owing to the publicity the entire press of the state is giving the notices sent out. Gov. Dawson is indeed earnest regarding the labor problem and he thinks that this question can be solved, if employers of labor will only get together and promulgate some definite plans.

The many advantages that West Virginia offers the laboring classes has never been fully made known, and it is the executive's intention to explain in detail how laboring men can be benefitted by coming to this section of the country. It is a well known fact that labor is paid better, in all branches of trade in West Virginia than any other state in the union.

It is to fully explain these facts and devise some means to induce labor in the state, that the governor has called this particular meeting.

West Virginia is looking ahead both as a coal producing state, and agricultural country. State Treasurer Ogdin who is a practical farmer of long years experience, can testify what can be raised in the state, but as he remarked several days ago, labor is exceedingly scarce. The climatic conditions of West Virginia are everything to be desired. There is no malaria within its borders and if any one is in search of health, there are very few places in America that can excel it.

There is no necessity for any one suffering from fulmonary [sic] troubles to go to Colorado, when the mountains abounding in Southern and Eastern counties afford every advantage.

The meeting will in all probability last several days, as it is hardly possible that any great amount of business can be accomplished the first day. Just as soon as Private Sceretary [sic] Boggs can learn definitely the exact number who are coming arrangements will be made accordingly.

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