West Virginia-Maryland Boundary Dispute

Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia
Passed In 1857-8
Richmond: William F. Ritchie, 1858

Chap. 3 - An Act to ascertain and fix the boundary lines of the states of Virginia and Maryland.

Passed March 26, 1858

Whereas the general assembly of Maryland has passed two acts for running and marking the boundary line between that state and the state of Virginia, beginning therefor at Smith's Point at the mouth of the Potomac river, and running thence to the Atlantic ocean, to form the eastern line, and beginning at the Fairfax stone on the Potomac river, sometimes called the North branch of the Potomac river, at or near its source, and running thence due north to the line of the state of Pennsylvania, for forming the western boundary line : and whereas the legislature of the state of Maryland has requested the appointment of a commissioner on the part of this state, to act in concert with the commissioner of Maryland, to run, ascertain and mark the said lines : therefore,

1. Be in enacted by the general assembly of Virginia, that the governor be and he is hereby authorized and required to appoint as soon as may be a commissioner, who, together with the commissioner who may be appointed on the part of Maryland, shall cause the said lines to be accurately surveyed, traced and marked with suitable monuments, from Smith's Point at the mouth of the Potomac river, to the Atlantic ocean, and from Fairfax stone, situated as aforesaid, to the Pennsylvania line as aforesaid.

2. It shall be the duty of the commissioner on the part of the state of Virginia, after the running, locating, establishing and marking the said lines, to make a joint report with the commissioner on the part of Maryland, setting forth all the facts touching the same, and to forward a copy of said joint report to the legislature of Virginia. And upon the ratification of such report by the legislatures of the states of Maryland and Virginia, the said lines, thus run and ascertained, shall be fixed and established; to remain forever, unless changed by the mutual consent of the said states of Maryland and Virginia.

3. Be it further enacted, that an adequate compensation be allowed by law, upon an order of the executive, to said commissioner; to be paid out of any funds in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

4. This act shall be in force from its passage.

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