Rehabilitation Environmental Action Program (REAP)

Charleston Gazette
April 6, 1973

REAP Hits Milestone For Junkers

5,000th Removed At Chandler School

By Andrew Gallagher
Staff Writer

"REAP trucks will continue to roll until the sunshine of a new day will find no more junked cars to shine upon," vowed A. James Manchin, director of Gov. Moore's Rehabilitation Environmental Action Program, Thursday.

He issued the statement as his workers removed the 5,000th vehicle from the West Virginia landscape.

That vehicle was an abandoned bus located at the intersection of U. S. 21 and Chandler Drive. "It was obstructing the view of the school guard from Chandler Elementary School," said Manchin. "REAP is interested in removing unsightly eyesores, but Gov. Moore is also vitally concerned with the health of our schoolchildren.

"The children were happy that they could see across that road, so we had a little program," said Manchin.

The children sang "America the Beautiful," "The West Virginia Hills," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

The director warned that his operation would continue until the state was purged entirely of junked vehicles. "There's a 7,800-pound trailer truck being used as a storehouse near the same school," he said. "It has Maine license plates - belongs to a 'Maine-iac,' he quipped, "It has been there five months and we're going to haul it away.

"We want everyone to know that state property can't be used as a dumping ground or warehouse."

Manchin warned that the legislature will have to pass a bill appropriating continued funds for the program. "The legislature must act and must act quickly, or surely we will suffocate in our own pestilence."

More than 200 cars were removed by REAP in Wood County this week and Manchin expects to remove an additional 300 before the week ends. "We must be concerned," he said. "We must lend our hands, then the junk will finally be removed."

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