Henry Jefferson Samuels

Huntington Advertiser June 27, 1898

Death Of Judge Samuels.

Another Of Cabell County's Pioneers Passes Away This Morning.

Judge Henry Jefferson Samuels who was born in this county seventy-four years ago died this morning at 2 o'clock at his home in Barboursville. He will be buried in the cemetery there tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, the Masonic order having charge of his funeral.

For many years Judge Samuels was one of the most conspicuous of Cabell county's citizens, holding numerous important offices and prominent socially. He was a judge of this circuit just after the war and was the first adjutant general of West Virginia which appointment he received from Governor Pierpont. His last public office being that of member of House of Delegates.

For some years owing to his advanced years and growing infirmaties he has lived quietly at his home in Barboursville taking little part in public events. He leaves no children and is survived by his widow. He was a speaker of much force and fine presence and honorably acquitted himself in the various public functions which he discharged. Cabell county regrets the passing away of another of her few remaining pioneers.

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