Spencer State Hospital

Acts of the Legislature

Chapter IX.

An Act making appropriations of public money to pay general charges upon the treasury.

[Passed May 7, 1887.]

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

1. There shall be and are hereby appropriated, out of the state fund for the fiscal year ending September thirtieth, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, the following sums for the purposes as follows:


Hospital for the Insane.


For the construction of a second hospital for the insane, at Spencer, in the county of Roane, ten thousand dollars, to be paid out of the revenues of 1888, and to be expended by, and under the direction of the board of public works, but no part of the amount hereby appropriated shall be expended, until the county court of Roane county shall make or cause to be made a deed, free of costs, to the state of West Virginia to the tract or parcel of land mentioned in exhibit "D," of the report of the commissioners appointed to select a location for a second hospital for the insane.

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