Justices of the
West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in West Virginia. This court has the power of review in both civil and criminal cases as well as original jurisdiction in proceedings involving habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, and certiorari. Justices are elected for 12-year terms.

Ralph Lazier Berkshire (R), Monongalia County, 1863-66, 1869-72
William A. Harrison (R), Harrison County, 1863-68
James H. Brown (R), Kanawha County, 1863-70
Edwin Maxwell (R), Harrison County, 1867-72
Charles P. T. Moore (D), Mason County, 1871-81
John S. Huffman (D), Harrison County, 1873-75
James Paull (D), Ohio County, 1873-75
Alpheus F. Haymond (D), Marion County, 1873-82
Matthew Edmiston (D), Lewis County, 1876
Thomas C. Green (D), Jefferson County, 1876-89
Okey Johnson (D), Wood County, 1877-88
James French Patton (D), Monroe County, 1881-82
Adam C. Snyder (D), Greenbrier County, 1882-90
Samuel Woods (D), Barbour County, 1883-88
Henry Brannon (D, R), Lewis County, 1889-1912
John W. English (D), Mason County, 1889-1900
Daniel B. Lucas (D), Jefferson County, 1890-92
Homer A. Holt (D), Greenbrier County, 1890-96
Marmaduke H. Dent (D), Taylor County, 1893-1904
Henry C. McWhorter (R), Kanawha County, 1897-1908
George Poffenbarger (R), Mason County, 1901-22
Warren Miller (R), Jackson County, 1903-04
Frank Cox (R), Monongalia County, 1905-07
Joseph M. Sanders, (R), Mercer County, 1905-07
Ira E. Robinson (R), Taylor County, 1907-15
L. Judson Williams (R), Greenbrier County, 1909-20
Chas. W. Lynch (R), Harrison County, 1913-21
John W. Mason (R), Marion County, 1915-16
Harold A. Ritz (R), Mercer County, 1917-22
Frank Lively (R), Kanawha County, 1921-32
James A. Meredith (R), Marion County, 1922-24
William H. McGinnis (D), Raleigh County, 1923-24
M. O. Litz (R), McDowell County, 1923-36
John H. Hatcher (R), Raleigh County, 1924-40
Homer B. Woods (R), Ritchie County, 1925-36
Haymond Maxwell (R), Harrison County, 1928-40
J. N. Kenna (D), Kanawha County, 1933-50
Fred L. Fox (D), Braxton County, 1937-52
James B. Riley (D), Ohio County, 1937-58
Herschel H. Rose (D), Marion County, 1941-45
William T. Lovins (D), Cabell County, 1941-57
Frank C. Haymond (D), Marion County, 1945-72
Leslie E. Given (D), Kanawha County, 1950-62
Chauncey Browning (D), Logan County, 1952-71
Henry L. Ducker (D), Cabell County, 1957-58
Robert T. Donley (R), Monongalia County, 1958
Thornton G. Berry, Jr. (D), McDowell County, 1958-76
Harlan M. Calhoun (D), Hardy County, 1958-72
Fred H. Caplan (D), Harrison County, 1962-80
John E. Carrigan (R), Marshall County, 1971-72
Charles H. Haden, II (R), Monongalia County, 1972-75
Oliver D. Kessel (R), Jackson County, 1972
James M. Sprouse (D), Monroe County, 1973-75
Richard Neely (D), Marion County, 1973-95
Edwin F. Flowers (R), Hancock County, 1975-76
Donald R. Wilson (R), Jackson County, 1976
Sam R. Harshbarger (D), Cabell County, 1977-84
Thomas B. Miller (D), Ohio County, 1977-94
Darrell V. McGraw, Jr. (D), Wyoming County, 1977-88
Thomas E. McHugh (D), Kanawha County, 1981-97, 2009-2012
W. T. Brotherton, Jr. (D), Kanawha County, 1984-95
Margaret Workman, (D), Kanawha County, 1988-99, 2009-2020
Franklin Cleckley (D), Monongalia County, 1994-96
Arthur M. Recht (D), Ohio County, 1994-96
Joseph P. Albright (D), Wood County, 1995-96, 2001-2009
Robin Davis (D), Kanawha County, 1997-2018
Larry Starcher (D), Monongalia County, 1997-2008
Elliott Maynard (D), Mingo County, 1997-2009
John F. McCuskey (R), Kanawha County, 1998
Warren R. McGraw (D), Wyoming County, 1999-2005
George M. Scott (R), Roane County, 1999-2000
Brent D. Benjamin (R), Kanawha County, 2005-2017
Menis E. Ketchum II (D), Cabell County, 2009-2018
Allen Loughry (R), Kanawha County, 2013-2018
Elizabeth D. Walker (R), Kanawha County, 2017-present
Tim Armstead (R), Kanawha County, 2018-present
Evan Jenkins (R), Cabell County, 2018-present
John A. Hutchison, Raleigh County, 2018-present
William R. Wooton, Raleigh County, 2021-present

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