Governor Cecil Underwood at the Republican National Convention

Resolutions of Republican State Executive Committee of West Virginia

WHEREAS, At the general election in 1956 the Honorable Cecil H. Underwood became the first Republican to be elected Governor of the State of West Virginia in 24 years, and achieved this victory in a State with a registered Democratic plurality of more than 258,000; and

WHEREAS, This victory came to the Republican Party in West Virginia after Governor Underwood had waged one of the most aggressive, effective and spectacular campaigns ever to be conducted in the State; and

WHEREAS, Governor Underwood did not enter upon his quest for the governorship of his native state as a novice in public and political affairs, having served two terms as President of the Young Republican League of West Virginia, twelve years as a member of the House of Delegates of the West Virginia Legislature, and above all taking an active and working part in the affairs of his political party, going all over the State, from year to year, aiding in organizational work, speaking to Lincoln Day meetings and addressing political gatherings; and

WHEREAS, Governor Underwood has brought dignity, ability, honesty and confidence to the office of Governor that is recognized and acclaimed by all persons interested in good government regardless of political affiliation; has effectuated many reforms in the executive department of state government; and has waged a vigorous and ceaseless effort to improve the State and better the lot of its citizens, doing everything within his power to alleviate suffering and to aid the unfortunate despite the unwillingness of a legislature controlled by the Democratic Party to cooperate; and

WHEREAS, In his inaugural address Governor Underwood said "As your Governor, I do not propose to sit within the walls of this capitol building for four years; rather, I want to move often among the people. Problems are easier to understand and solve when they are studied at their source"; and in keeping with this declared intention, the Governor has frequently visited all sections of the State, inspecting state institutions and roads, and obtaining first-hand information on unemployment and other state problems; and

WHEREAS, During his tenure in office. Governor Underwood has received national recognition as evidenced by his election to membership on the Executive Committee of the National Governor's Conference and membership on the Conference's Committee on Federal-State Relations; membership on the Highway Safety Committee of the Southern Governors' Conference; election to two terms as Chairman of the Southern Regional Education Board; appointment by the chairman of the Republican National Committee to the Committee on Program and Progress, representing Republican Governors; selection by the Republican National Committee to make more than 25 major addresses in 16 different states and the District of Columbia; and the acceptance of some 50 invitations to address national groups throughout the country; and

WHEREAS, With his grasp of business, educational, political and public affairs and his ability to effectively convey his views to others. Governor Underwood is recognized throughout the country as an outstanding and a polished public speaker and is in constant demand; and

WHEREAS, Due to his high character, public and party achievements, public speaking ability, qualities of leadership and service to his political party. Governor Underwood has been given wide mention as a possible keynoter for the Republican National Convention to be held in Chicago in July;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED By the Republican State Executive Committee of West Virginia in regular meeting assembled, that said committee does hereby endorse and approve the selection of the Honorable Cecil H. Underwood, Governor of the State of West Virginia, to be the keynote speaker for the Republican National Convention to be held in Chicago in July with full confidence that he will well and ably fill this important post and in so doing bring credit and distinction to the Republican Party; and, further, that this committee does hereby urge that the Committee on Arrangements of the Republican National Committee give careful and serious consideration to the selection of Governor Underwood for this important position;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of this Committee transmit copies of these resolutions to the Honorable Thruston B. Morton, Chairman of the Republican National Committee; the Honorable Jaren L. Jones, Vice-Chairman, Committee on Arrangements for the National Convention, and the members of said committee; and to the members of the Republican National Committee for the State of West Virginia.

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