Payment of the Virginia Debt

Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia at its Ninth Session,
Commencing January 17th
, 1871 (Charleston: H. S. Walker, 1871)

[No. 21.]

Joint Resolution authorizing the appointment of commissioners to treat with the state of Virginia on the subject of the state debt.

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

1. That the governor, on or after the fifteenth day of March, 1871, appoint three disinterested citizens of this state to treat with the authorities of the state of Virginia on the subject of a proposed adjustment of the public debt of that state prior to the first day of January, 1861, and make report thereof to the governor, to be printed and communicated by him to the legislature, at the commencement of its next session, for approval or disapproval.

2. The commissioners so to be appointed are further directed to ascertain and report the amount of said debt then held by persons other than the state of Virginia, and what said debt was incurred for, and what amount of this state debt was then held by the commissioners of the sinking fund and by the board of the library fund; that they ascertain and report the amount of all investments then held by the state, their respective amounts and character, and what portions thereof were then productive, and the dividends therefrom, and whether any of such investments then so held by said state have since been donated, changed, converted or disposed of by the authorities of said state, and if so, the amount and how disposed of; that they ascertain and report the revenue derived for the fiscal year ending on the thirtieth of September, 1860, from all sources, by the state of Virginia, within the present territory of Virginia, and the amount derived from all sources from the territory now composing the state of West Virginia; and that they report any other relevant matter deemed proper by them.

3. The commissioners so to be appointed shall proceed without delay in the execution of their duties, and as a compensation for their services shall each receive six dollars per day for the time they or any one or more of them may be actually employed therein, and the same mileage as that allowed to the members of the legislature, and may employ such accountant or clerk, at a reasonable compensation, as they may deem necessary; and the governor shall have the power to remove any one or more of the commissioners, and to fill any vacancy that may occur from removal, death or failure to act.

4. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as waiving or impairing in any way the rights of this state to jurisdiction over the counties of Berkeley and Jefferson.

5. That the foregoing resolutions be communicated by the governor to the governor of Virginia.

ADOPTED, February 15, 1871.

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