William Lyne Wilson

Virginia Free Press
September 30, 1882

Hon. Wm. L. Wilson is passing like a meter through the counties of this Congressional district.

Hon. Wm. L. Wilson, the Democratic Candidate for Congress is not letting the grass grow under his feet. He plunged into the canvass at once. He spoke at Keyser, in Mineral, on Monday night; at Romney, in Hampshire, on Tuesday; Wednesday at Moorefield, Hardy county; thence went to Petersburg in Grant, Franklin in Pendleton, and over the mountains to Beverly in Randolph, Philippi in Barbour, St. George in Tucker, Grafton in Taylor, and back to Martinsburg. And so far as seen things look promising. But - we must not relax - every effort must be put forth, every effort must be put forth, every democratic voter must feel it incumbent upon himself to work, to do all in his individual power, so that a handsome majority may be rolled up - such a vote as well go towards filling up any possible gaps elsewhere the result of untoward causes.

Hon. Wm. L. Wilson.

We have so frequently taken occasion to refer to the gentleman whose name heads this column, that to do so now would seem a work of supererogation. But our readers will be pleased by some of the press expressions upon his nomination, and we give them briefly:

Martinsburg Stateman.

Mr. Wilson is one of the most popular democrats in the District, and will poll its full democratic vote.

South Branch Gazette.

He is well known all over the District, and is just the man to heal the sore and poll the full democratic strength.

Piedmont Dispatch.

We are going to attempt to say something good for Wilson, our candidate for Congress, but we can speak of none of his virtues not known to our people. They know him and will vote for him.

Romney Intelligencer.

Mr. Wilson's eminent fitness for the position is acknowledged by all, and that he will lead the Democratic hosts of the 2nd District, we have no doubt, to a final and glorious victory.

Martinsburg Independent.

Mr. Wilson is an honorable gentleman, though of a retiring disposition, and if anything is better fitted for literary pursuits or scholarly positions in education fields, rather than the turbulent world of politics.

Kingwood Argus.

Mr. Wilson is a ripe scholar, a fine lawyer, and a Christian gentleman of spotless character. His nomination at Piedmont assures Democratic harmony and success in the Second District in the pending Congressional contest, which will be short, sharp, and decisive.

Shepherdstown Register.

No better man could have been named for that position and no one that will fill the office more efficiently and with more honor and credit to his constituents than Mr. Wilson. He is an able lawyer, ripe scholar, ready debater and fluent speaker. He is no mere politician, but will prove himself a statesman such as we had in former years, before politics and legislation became so corrupt and corrupting.

Barbour Jeffersonian.

Hon. W. L. Wilson, the democratic nominee for Congress, is the peer of any man ever presented for that office. Young, talented, honest and capable, he fills the full measure of Jeffersonian democracy. That he will be elected there is no doubt and that he will reflect honor on this district there is also no doubt.

Wheeling Register.

The nomination of the Hon. W. L. Wilson by the Second District Congressional convention, on the 20th, inst., is a high compliment to that gentleman, inasmuch as the nomination was not sought, aided or abetted by him in any manner whatever.

Grafton Eagle.

The Democratic Convention of the Second district in nominating William L. Wilson, Esq., of Jefferson as a candidate Congress, did an act of which every member of the body may well be proud. Mr. Wilson is a native of Jefferson county, a man of eminent ability, and very high character for honesty and integrity. In these respects we can safely say he has no superior in the state. As an orator he has few if any equals, and we are justified in saying he is honest and capable, and his nomination will be hailed with delight by every Democratic voter in the district i and the more they know him the more warmly will they become attached to him, for he is exceedingly popular with the people who know him best. The party in this district is now united, harmonious and zealous, in support of their noble standard- bearer. He is just such a man as the people want in Congress, and we predict his triumphant election by a sweeping majority on the 10th of October.

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