Great Depression

"Bank Safe Says State Commissi'nr" (Weston Bank Run)
"Weston's Lone Bank Weathers Run; Pronounced Safe By Commissioner" (Weston Bank Run)
"Last Bank in City Closes Tuesday" (Weston Bank Run)
"Federal Relief To Stop Unless Lawmakers Act"
House Resolution Calling For a Joint Assembly to Hear Address of the Honorable Howard O. Hunter (Federal Relief in West Virginia)
Presentation of Howard O. Hunter to Joint Session of the West Virginia Legislature (Federal Relief in West Virginia)
Arthurdale Resettlement Community (Time Trail)
"The Nearly Perfect State": Governor Homer Adams Holt, The WPA Writers' Project and the Making of West Virginia: A Guide to the Mountain State" by Jerry B. Thomas (West Virginia History)
"'I wonder whom God will hold responsible': Mary Behner and the Presbyterian Mission on Scotts Run" edited by Christine M. Kreiser West Virginia History)
Mary Behner Diary Entry for 19 November 1928
"Students Follow Christ to a Stable"
Front Page of Charm School News, 9 May 1931
"The Shack Idea"
Additional Articles on Scotts Run from West Virginia History
New Deal Archive and Manuscript Resources at the West Virginia State Archives
CCC Camps in West Virginia

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