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John Brown

"His Soul Goes Marching On: The Life and Legacy of John Brown" (online exhibit)
John Brown/Boyd B. Stutler Collection Database
John Brown Papers held by the Jefferson County Circuit Clerk's Office
John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid
John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry (Time Trail)
John Brown's Trial (Time Trail)
The Hanging of John Brown (Time Trail)
"An 'Ever-Present Bone of Contention': The Heyward Shepherd Memorial," by Mary Johnson (West Virginia History)
"The Historical Authenticity of John Brown's Raid in Stephen Vincent Benet's 'John Brown's Body'," by Mary Lynn Richardson (West Virginia History)
"John Brown and the Oberlin Lands," by Boyd B. Stutler (West Virginia History)
"John Brown at Harpers Ferry: A Contemporary Analysis," by Lawrence F. Barmann (West Virginia History)
"John Brown: They Had a Concern," by Jeannette Mather Lord (West Virginia History)
"John Brown's Fort," by Clarence S. Gee (West Virginia History)
"John Brown's Raid at Harpers Ferry and Governor Henry Alexander Wise's Letter to President James Buchanan Concerning the Invasion," by Isaiah A. Woodward (West Virginia History)
"Legal Phases of the Trial of John Brown," by Daniel C. Draper (West Virginia History)
"The Martyrdom of John Brown," by Charles A. Jellison (West Virginia History)
"Plan For John Brown's Escape," by Isaiah A. Woodward (West Virginia History)
"Re-evaluating John Brown's Raid at Harpers Ferry," by Karen Whitman (West Virginia History)
"John Brown: Road of an Abolitionist," by Rebecca McPhail Samples (West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly)

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