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"Your Gateway
to the
History of the Mountain State,

Volume 49

Volume 49 (1990)

COVER PHOTO: Elizabeth Gravely, working the pea patch at her Dunbar home, makes practical application of an early Gravely garden tractor, designed by her husband B. F. Gravely, to ease the chores of gardening for women and men, ca. 1920. [Gravely-Moore Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV]

By Carol Jean Blum

"Recovery and Revision: Women's History and West Virginia"
By Barbara Melosh

Women's Work in the West Virginia Economy"
By Mary Beth Pudup

"'Women's Work, Never Done': West Virginia Farm Women, 1880s- 1920s"
By Shirley C. Eagan

"Strategies For Survival: Women's Work in the Southern West Virginia Coal Camps"
By Janet W. Greene

"Midwifery in West Virginia"
By Ancella R. Bickley

"'Anything But Cordial': Coeducation and West Virginia University's Early Women"
By Lillian J. Waugh and Judith G. Stitzel

"West Virginia Women's Organizations, 1880s-1930s or 'Unsexed Termagants...Help the World Along'"
By Barbara J. Howe

"A Profile of Political Activists: Women of the West Virginia Woman Suffrage Movement"
By Anne Wallace Effland

"Women in the Industrial Work Force in West Virginia, 1880- 1945"
By Frances S. Hensley

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