Mexican War

Wheeling Daily Times
November 25, 1846

Who Will Volunteer!

The President of the United States has called upon the State of Virginia for One Regiment of Infantry, to serve during the existing War with Mexico. This Regiment is required for immediate service and will be despatched to the scene of war as soon as its organization is complete. An opportunity is now offered to the young men of our State to prove their devotion to their country. Virginians have hitherto been the first to rally in defence of our country, wherever and whenever called upon. Our flag is now unfurled in the face of a Foreign Foe: American blood has been shed in its defence. Virginians, we are called upon to march to the assistance of our brothers, who have already won imperishable glory. Who will obey the call? Let all who are willing to go, meet at the CITY HALL, on Wednesday evening, 25th instant, at 7 o'clock, to organize a company and prove that, as American citizens, we are always ready to defend our country when danger threatens and our services are required.

Wheeling, Nov. 25th, 1846.

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