Spanish-American War
2nd Regiment West Virginia Infantry

Third Biennial Report Of the
Department of Archives and History
of the State of West Virginia



On May 25, 1898, the President of the United States requested Governor Atkinson to send forward a Second Regiment of Infantry. The Governor hastened to issue a call, and the companies hastily formed in various parts of the State, rendezvoused at "Camp Atkinson" on the north bank of the Great Kanawha, about half a mile below the mouth of Elk River, say about five squares above where the Kelly Axe Factory now stands. Here the Regiment was organized, the regimental officers being as follows, viz: D. T. E. Casteel, Colonel; O'Brien Moore, Lieutenant Colonel; Howard Atkinson, .Major; Charles D. Elliott, Major; William F Henshaw. Surgeon; Zadoc T. Kalbaugh. Assistant Surgeon; William F. Bailey, Assistant Surgeon; Rev. Albert S. Kelly, Chaplain. The companies were mustered into service by Captain J. M. Burns of the 17th U. S. Infantry; the first on June 25th, and the last on the 9th of July. The Regiment left "Camp Atkinson" and moved to Middletown, Pennsylvania, where it entered "Camp Meade." Here some months were spent, after which it removed to "Camp Wetherill at Greenville, South Carolina, where it was mustered out of service, March, 1899. [According to the Adjutant General's Report of 1899-1900, and the Official Records, the regiment was mustered out on April 10, 1899.]

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