Spanish-American War
2nd Regiment West Virginia Infantry

Charleston Daily Gazette
July 6, 1898

The Mingo Company

Is Now Part Of The Second West Virginia Regiment.

It Was Mustered In Yesterday Evening. Only Four More Remain - Flag Raised and Cannon Planted in Camp - Irons For Deserters.

The second regiment now lacks only two companies of being complete, the tenth having been mustered in yesterday. Shortly before 6 o'clock in the evening the oath was administered by Captain Burns to the Williamson, Mingo county, company, 102 strong. The officers are Captain Julian E. Gaujot and Second Lieutenant D. E. Hughes, the first lieutenancy being vacant. The company will be k[n]own by the letter K.

The two companies that remain to be mustered are Glenville and Shepherdstown. Neither of them has its quota, but probably enough recruits will be on hand today to fill up at least one of them.

Several squads, aggregating about twenty-five men, were mustered in yesterday for several companies that were not up to the limit.

The stars and stripes now wave over Camp Atkinson, and directly underneath them is a small cannon. The flag was raised yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The pole was lifted into its place by a squad of stalwart fellows and the colors were then run up, fifty-five feet into the air. The flag is an old one belonging to the State. The cannon is one of the three-inch rifles which have been kept mounted in the Capitol yard. It was hauled to the camp yesterday, and placed in position in the afternoon [.] It is in front of the officers' tents and looks toward the south. It will be used for salutes, the first of which was fired yesterday evening at sunset.

Private Rose, who was arrested Sunday evening for firing at Lieutenant Kuntz, is still confined, in irons, at the guard house. The only other prisoner is the negro Curry, who was arrested for selling beer in camp.

The remainder of the equipments which have arrived were distributed yesterday. Each private has now received a campaign hat, one pair of shoes, one flannel shirt, two suits of underwear, a blanket, and a poncho. The trousers and blouses are on the way here, but have not yet arrived. The only other articles of wear yet to come are the socks, and another shirt and another pair of shoes for each private. Very few of the officers have as yet received their uniforms.

The vacant sergeantship in the Charleston company caused by the promotion of E. G. Pierson to the position of second lieutenant in the Piedmont company, was filled by the advancement of every non- commissioned officer below the position of second lieutenant. Corporal Simmons became sixth sergeant, and Private H. H. Pinkney became the twelfth corporal.

Deputy United States Marshal D. W. Cunningham was yesterday sent to arrest the two deserters from the Charleston company. He was instructed to bring them back in irons.

A number of generous Charleston citizens have volunteered to furnish and deliver the Charleston company ice free of any charge.

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