The following books and articles relating to the Cliftonville Riot of July 17, 1922 can be found at the Archives and History Library.


Zwierzchowski, Mary. "The Cliftonville Riot a Forgotten Panhandle Mine War," Goldenseal, Charleston, West Virginia, Culture and History, 1994, 20:2


"216 Men Indicted by Grand Jury, Charge of First Degree Murder Against 78 Men." Follansbee Review, 8-18-1922.
"30 Cliftonville Prisoners May Enter Pleas of Guilty," Wheeling Intelligencer, 2-23-1923.
"76 Prisoners Held in 2 Jails," Follansbee Review, 7-22-1922.
"Alleged Slayer of Sheriff Duval is Captured," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Appointed Sheriff as Father's Successor," Follansbee Review, 7-22-1922.
"Arunski Guilty of Conspiracy," Wheeling Intelligencer, 12-18-1922.
"Arunski After Another Trial," Wheeling Intelligencer, 12-21-1922.
"Arunsky's Trial Ends," Follansbee Review, 12-15-1922.
"Avella Miners Will Appeal Convictions of Conspiracy," Wheeling Intelligencer, 12-22- 1922.
"Believe Two Dead in Ruin of the Tipple, Cliftonville People Anxious for Opportunity to Search Debris," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Change of Venue is Denied Kaminsky," Follansbee Review, 10-20-1922.
"Cliftonville Probe Gets Under Way; Many Visitors Sleep in Court House," Wheeling Intelligencer, 8-15-1922.
"County Provides $40,000 Fund for Expenses," Follansbee Review, 8-11-1922.
"Funeral of Late Sheriff Held at Residence Today," Follansbee Review, 7-22-1922.
"Grand Jury Returns Partial Report," Follansbee Review, 11-10-1922.
"Grand Jury Will Be Called Aug 14 to Investigate Cliftonville Battle," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-19-1922.
"Hundreds of Men Attack 20 Deputies, Seventy-Six Prisoners are Charged with Murder," Follansbee Review, 7-21-1922.
"Italian Gov't Interested in Trail of Miners, Italians to Have Native Counsel at Cliftonville Riot "Trail in October," Follansbee Review, 8-25-1922.
"Jury Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner and Football Game, Trial of Radakovitch Progresses...," Follansbee Review, 12-1-1922.
"Kaminski on Trial for Murder of Sheriff," Follansbee Review, 10-27-1922.
"Kaminski Case Goes to Jury This Evening," Follansbee Review, 11-3-1922.
"Kaminsky Released; $4,000 Bail," Follansbee Review, 11-10-1922.
"Kaminsky's Trail Set for Monday," Follansbee Review, 10-13-1922.
"Miners Fire the Tipple," Follansbee Review, 7-22-1922.
"Miners Serve Thanksgiving Dinner to Prisoners," Follansbee Review, 12-1-1922.
"Miners Not Under Sub-District Five," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Miners' Trials at Wellsburg Will End Soon," Wheeling Intelligencer, 2-21-1923.
"Mob Makes Several Attacks," Follansbee Review, 7-22-1922.
"Names Alleged Slayer of Sheriff H. H. Duval," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"National Guard Ready to Come if Necessary," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Officers Defended Coal Mine Against Overwhelming Odds," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-19- 1922.
"Pictured-George Harvey," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Pictured-Slain Brooke County Sheriff," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Prison Sentences Suspended," Follansbee Review, 12-22-1922.
"Radakovitch Found Guilty Man be Sentenced to Two to Ten Years Attorney Ask for New Trial," Follansbee Review, 12-8-1922.
"Resume Trials Next Monday," Follansbee Review, 12-8-1922.
"Returns New Indictments," Follansbee Review, 11-24-1922.
"Scenes at Cliftonville Battle Ground," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Sheriff and Five Men Killed," Follansbee Review, 7-21-1922.
"Sheriff's Son Tells of Battle," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Steve Betts is Identified by Geo. Harvey, His Accuser," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18- 1922.
"Thirty Avella Miners Sentenced; 126 Comrades Will Go Free," Wheeling Intelligencer, 2-24- 1923.
"Trial of Over 250 Men to Begin Monday," Follansbee Review, 10-6-1922.
"William Duval Brother of Dead Sheriff Collapses in Court Room," Follansbee Review, 11-3- 1922.
"Woman Eyewitness Tells of Cliftonville Battle," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Wound in Arm Causes Arrest," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.
"Wounded Men Will Recover," Wheeling Intelligencer, 7-18-1922.

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