Hotels' Service to U. S. During War is Cited
Greenbrier Manager Says Full Cooperation Being Given

Charleston Gazette
April 10, 1942

"Hotels can serve as well as any other line of business in American defense," Loren R. Johnston, general manager of the Greenbrier hotel at White Sulphur Springs, said, in cooperating with the government on the home front.

"We were requested to take the diplomats of Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary and house them until such time as the government could arrange transportation and the exchange of these diplomats for our own in the same countries," he said.

"We accepted that job promptly. We have 100 percent cooperation on the part of our staff in that we are rendering a service by the hotel profession to the government in a time of stress and emergency. We have endeavored to do a good job in order that at the conclusion we, as representatives of the hotel business, will be considered as having done the job in an acceptable manner, and I believe that by so doing we have rendered a service to the profession, and have placed in the hands of the government evidence that the hotel business is an integral part of the American enterprise system - ready, willing and able to serve promptly and efficiently in times of emergency as well as in times of peace."

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