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Devil Anse Hatfield and Family

"Devil" Anse Hatfield
and the
Hatfield-McCoy Feud

The following is a list of books and articles about Devil Anse Hatfield and the Hatfield- McCoy Feud which can be found at the West Virginia Archives and History Library.


Alther, Lisa. Blood Feud; The Hatfields and McCoys; The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance, Guilford, Conn., Lyons Press, 2012.
364.256 A467

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___________________. An American Vendetta , Compiled and Edited by Jim Comstock and Bronson McClung, West Virginia Heritage, 1969. vol. 3, pp.10-69.
975.4 W53

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Arc 1. 4:

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364.256 D685h.

Fox, Richard Kyle. Devil Anse, or the Hatfield-McCoy Outlaws, a Full and Complete History of the Deadly Feud Existing Between the Hatfields and McCoy Clans , NY, R.K. Fox, 1889.
F F793 Pam.

Gray, Anne Black. The Devil's Son; Cap Hatfield and the End of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud, Chapmanville, WV, Woodland Press, 2012.
F G778 [historical fiction]

Hatfield, Coleman C. and F. Keith Davis. The Feuding Hatfields and McCoys; A Timeline and Pictorial History, Chapmanville, WV, Woodland Press, 2008.
364.256 H362

Hatfield, Coleman C. and Robert Y. Spence. The Tale of the Devil; The Biography of Devil Anse Hatfield, Chapmanville, WV, Woodland Press, 2003.
B H362

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364.256 H386h.

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364.256 H3623.

_________________. True Story of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud , copied by Mary M. Jenkins, Charleston, WV., 1964.
364.256 H3623 .

Hatfield, Philip. The Other Feud; William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield in the Civil War, South Charleston, P. Hatfield, 2011.
973.7 H362

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364.256 J79.

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Arc 1. 4:

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F K93.

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364.256 M129

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364.256 R497.

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F R578 [juvenile fiction]

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F S761.

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Woods, Roy C. History of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud with Special Attention to the Effects of Education On It . 22/1/27-33.
Arc 1. 4:


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