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Mary Draper Ingles

The following is a list of books and articles about Mary Draper Ingles which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


Hale, John Peter. Trans Allegheny Pioneers, Charleston, WV, Kanawha Valley Publishing, 1931.
975.402 H162.

_____________. History of the Great Kanawha Valley, Madison, Wisconsin, Brant, Fuller and Co., 1891.
975.43 H162.

Ingles, John. The Story of Mary Draper Ingles and Son Thomas Ingles, Radford, Virginia, Commonwealth Press, 1969.
970.3 In4.

Truman, Timothy. Straight Up to See the Sky, Forestville, California, Eclipse Books, 1991, pp. 26-31.
977 T867s.

"A Pioneer Woman's Indomitable Will to Survive, the Ordeal of Mary Ingles," Bicentennial Vignette, Number 2, 1976.
973 B583 Pam.


"Capture of Virginia Child Saga Pioneering Times," Charleston Daily Mail, 11-24- 1961.
"Descendant of Pioneers Adds to Lore," Beckley Post-Herald, 12-29-1964.
"First White Women in Area During 1755," Beckley Post-Herald, 11-20-1958.
"Ingles Child Born Near Flat Top in 1755," Beckley Post-Herald, 9-10-1960.
"Legendary Pioneer Mary Ingles Walked Through Area Back Yards," Gazette, 7-1- 1987.
"Mary Ingles Escape Story Like Thriller Fiction Tale," Charleston Daily Mail, 6-4-1937.
"Mary Draper Ingles: Pioneer Heroine," by Adelaide M. Coe, Ph.D , DAR Magazine, 1991.
"Mary Ingles Hits the History Trail," Charleston Newspapers, Metro, 9-18-1991.
"Modern-day Pioneers Pass Through Kanawha County," Charleston Gazette, 10-18- 1987.
"Rare History Book Tells of Ancestors," Beckley Post-Herald, 11-15-1969.
"Several State Residents Join Woman on Ingles' Escape Route," Charleston Gazette, 9- 25-1987.
"Several State Residents Join Woman on Ingles Escape Route," Charleston Gazette, 9- 25-1987.
"So Much History in One Area," Charleston Gazette, 7-13-1987.
"Woman Hopes to Retrace Ingles' Famous Journey," Charleston Gazette, 7-3-1987.

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