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Alexander Spotswood

The following is a list of books about Alexander Spotswood which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


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Havighurst, Walter. Alexander Spotswood: Portrait of a Governor. Colonial Williamsburg, New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1967.
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Spotswood, Alexander. Iron Works at Tuball: Terms and Conditions for Their Lease by Alexander Spotswood on the Twentieth Day of July 1739. Introduction by Lester J. Cappon...and map of Virginia Showing Germanna. Charlottsville, The Tracy W. McGregor of the University of Virginia, 1945.
B S765i

Virginia Historical Society. The Official Letters of Alexander Spotswood, Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of Virginia, 1710-1722. Richmond, Virginia, William Ellis Jones, 1882.
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