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The following is a list of books and articles about Tecumseh which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


Drake, Benjamin. Life of Tecumseh and his Brother the Prophet with Historical Sketches of the Shawnee Indians, Cincinnati, E. Morgan & Co., 1841.

______________. Life of Tecumseh and of his Brother the Prophet, New York, Arno Press, 1969.
B T22d.

Eckert, Allan W. The Frontiersman: A Narrative, Boston, Little, Brown, 1967.
977.02 Ec5.

Edmunds, R. David. Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership, Boston, Little, Brown, 1984.
970.004 E24.

Truman, Timothy. Straight Up to See the Sky, Forestville, CA: Eclipse Books, 1991.
977 T677s.


"Famed Tecumseh Was a West Virginian," Beckley Post Herald, 1-27-1962.
"Tecumseh Took Part in Area Raids," Famous Shawnee Chief, Parkersburg News, 7-24- 1966.
"The Mother of Tecumseh, an Account of a Mr. Bayles of Morgantown," 1899.
"The Youth of Tecumseh, Great Indian Chief," Herald-Advertiser, 1-18-1931.

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