Students for a Democratic Society Chapter
Formed at Marshall University

Huntington Advertiser
November 4, 1968

SDS Chapter Being Formed at Marshall

By Dave Peyton

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), an organization of student activists, has formed a chapter on Marshall University's campus according to an "underground press" newspaper distributed on the MU campus today.

The story in "The Free Forum" says a group of MU students met Thursday to organize the chapter and plans a second public meeting for Thursday at 2:30 p. m. in the Campus Christian Center.

Students for a Democratic Society has been a motivating force behind numerous campus demonstrations across the country. The organization played an active role in disturbances at Columbia University in New York and in other colleges, both large and small.

"Discussions at the meeting centered around priorities for the organization, and the exact role it will seek to play in such areas as university reform, anti-Vietnam mobilization and military-industrial recruitment on campus," the paper said.

A source close to the new organization indicated the group plans a protest demonstration against the Central Intelligence Agency when CIA representatives come to MU's campus Nov. 14 for recruiting purposes.

The number of students in the newly-formed chapter was not announced.