Governor Hulett Smith drives gold spike on top of Bald
Governor Hulett Smith drives gold spike on top of Bald Knob

Cass Scenic Railroad

Pocahontas Times
May 30, 1968

Cass Train

The Cass Scenic Railroad is now officially open to the top of Bald Knob. Saturday Governor Hulett Smith sank the 14 carat gold spike at Whittaker Station, 4 miles up from Cass. Director of Natural Resources T. R. Samsell held the spike. Martin Howes had custody of the shiny hardware and he removed it after the ceremony from the paraffin filled hole, in case the French come looking for it.

The weather surprised every one and was wonderful. They took three engines and nine cars with about six hundred people, stopping for the ceremonies and lunch, then to the top with its panoramic view. This was a special trip for several Historical Railroad Societies and drew people from Texas, Minnesota, etc.

Bus Long and Ted Riffe were there from the original promoting committee and every one missed Jack Kane, who worked so diligently so long for the fulfillment of the project. He is recovering from hip surgery at the University Hospital in Charlottesville.

Trips to the top will be made at 12 noon daily, except Monday, and short trips as before at 11, 1 and 8 with an extra one at 5 on Sunday.

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