Danny Heater Sets National Scoring Record

By the Associate Press
Daily Mail Sports Writer

January 27, 1960

One Boy Scores 135 As Mates Feed Star
A Red-Hot Heater at Burnsville

A monumental 135-point individual scoring effort by Burnsville High School's Danny Heater sent basketball figure filberts scurrying to the record books.

Heater, six-foot senior, hit 53 field goals and 29 of 41 fouls during Burnsville's 173-43 victory over Widen at Burnsville last night.

The national scholastic record is reputed to be 120 points set in 1953 by Dick Boginrife of Midway High School in Sedalia, O.

The performance came as the result of intensive planning by Coach Jack Stalnaker and the Burnsville team to get Heater's name in the public eye, with the hope of obtaining a college scholarship for the sharpshooting forward.

Stalnaker said he especially wanted West Virginia Coach Fred Schaus to take a look at Heater.

Stalnaker said his team went into the game with the idea of letting Heater score as much as he could.

"We just fed him the ball and let him try for a record," Stalnaker said.

He made 53 of 70 shots from the floor - 75.7 per cent, grabbed 32 rebounds and came up with seven assists. Most of his field goals came on layups.

Burnsville, now averaging 99.2 points per game, has a 9-1 record. The Braxton countians have won nine straight since losing to Gassaway.

The 135 points wiped out the state record of 74 points set during the 1956 season by Henry Zeidler of Wellsburg. Zeidler made 31 field goals and 12 foul shots in Wellsburg's 109-68 victory over Bethany.

Widen (43)
F - Craft 1, Hamrick 10, James 2.
C - Barnett 20.
G - Napier 8, Eagle 2.

Burnsville (173)
F - Heater 135, Conrad 12, Graff 2.
C - Smith 16.
G - Cayton 6, Brooks 2.

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