Joe Goss-Paddy Ryan Championship Fight

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
June 1, 1880

Knights Of The Sward.

The Mill Between Goss and Ryan

Likely to Take Place on West Virginia Soil - Both Men in Prime Condition and Anxious for the Fray - A Brutal Prize Fight Near McKeesport, Pa., for $250 a Side.

The Curious Crowd.

Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.

It is now certain that the much talked of and much postponed Goss and Ryan fight will take place to- morrow morning, at or near Collier's Station, West Virginia. There is some little excitement in the city to-night, owing to the presence of New York and Pittsburgh roughs. T. J. H.

On the Spot.
COLLIERS', W. VA., May 31

Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.

Your reporter arrived at this out of the way place this afternoon, and later in the evening found Paddy Ryan and his trainer, Johnny Roach, quartered here. Their party numbers only four.

Joe Goss and party are at the house of a farmer named Snyder, two miles below this point.

The ground for the fight has been selected, and is situated within one hundred rods of the Pennsylvania State line, and one mile and a half from the Station.

The ropes, stakes and all the paraphernalia of the prize ring are ready for use, and everything looks like business and no fooling, this time.

Ryan is in fine condition and is confident of winning the fight. Goss is reported well, and ready and anxious for the battle.

The fight will come off as soon after daylight as possible, to-morrow.

There is a very small crowd, present here, and everything is quiet up to the hour of writing.


They are Notified that They Cannot Fight on Pennsylvania Soil.

PITTSBURGH, May 31. There seems but little doubt that a first-class prize fight will take place near this city within the next 12 or 24 hours. The city is filling with sporting men, who are attracted by the positive knowledge that Joe Goss and Paddy Ryan are in town, and that they will fight before to- morrow's sunset. Those in the best position to give particulars concerning this event are extremely reticent, particularly when questioned by newspaper men. Very few of the fraternity are certain when and where this mill will take place, but a general canvass fixes the time to-morrow morning, and the place as Collier's Station, on the Panhandle road, and within a short distance of the State line between this State and West Virginia.

The presence here of the principals in the coming fight increases the prevailing interest. Paddy Ryan has for some time been in training at Fairchild's, five miles out the Perrysville road, and has been actively preparing for to-morrow's event. Ryan is 28 years of age and six foot one inches in height, weight 160 pounds. He has never fought in the prize ring. His trainer is Johnny Roach. Joe Goss, who has been in training at Port Hamilton, N. Y., reached this city this morning from the East, via Cincinnati Express on the Pennsylvania railroad, at 8:11. He was accompanied by his trainer and by Billy Tracey, his backer. The men attracted a good deal of attention.

Goss was neatly dressed in dark clothes. He is an Englishman by birth, is forty-four years old, and stands five feet eight inches in height and his fighting weight is placed at 150 pounds. He entered the prize ring in 1859, and has taken part in many famous battles. It is claimed that he has deteriorated in condition and is scarcely a match for Ryan. After Goss had walked the length of the Union Depot he was hurried into a carriage that stood in waiting and was driven out of the eager crowd. A continuance of the present, delightful weather will tend to increase the assured big attendance at this mill.

In regard to the proposed fight Chief of Police Pender says that he is determined it shall not take place in this county, and he will use every means in his power to this end. He has had an eye on the principals all day, but has been unable to hear anything definite concerning their plans. Of course, if the battle takes place outside of Allegheny county, as in all probability it will, it will be impossible for him to interfere, and none of the parties can bee arrested until they have actually violated the law.

This afternoon it was learned that Joe Goss quarters at or near McKee's Rocks. The pugilist was sent for by Mayor In(?)dell, and was told that he must fight outside of Allegheny county. The pugilist and his friends assured the Mayor that the trouble would take place outside. Arthur Chambers, one of the party, stated that the fight would take place outside the State.