The Cincinnati Reds Play Baseball In Welch

Welch Daily News
October 4, 1924

Cincinnati Reds And McDowell County All Stars Will Play Here Monday

Monday afternoon will be the big day of the year for all McDowell county baseball fans as that will be the only day of the year when the people of McDowell county will have the opportunity to see a big league baseball club in action. The management of the Welch baseball club is bringing the Cincinnati Reds here for the last and biggest game of the year. This will be the third trip of the Reds to Welch, and they are sure to draw a record breaking crowd this year. Two years ago the grandstand and bleachers at the old Welch Park were crowded to capicity [sic] and there were numbers of persons that witnessed the game from mountain sides, treetops, and in fact, every available point of vantage that could be secured.

There will be one new man in the Reds lineup that will be closely watched by the fans here and that is none other than Hughey Critz, the fast little second baseman who was secured by Cincinnati when the regulars were most all laid up with injuries. Critz came from the Minneapolis club of the American Association, and plugged the whole [sic] at second base so well that he took the job away from Bohne and Fonseca and held it the rest of the season. He is sure to show the fans some clever second basing Monday, and how the little fellow can hit the old horsehide. Then there will be Eddie Roush, the best centerfielder in the game today, and one of the best hitters in the National league. It would be well worth the price of admission just to see Critz and Roush, but then there is the all round player, Bressles; Haragrave and Wingo, catchers, Sammy Bohan, shortstop the funny man of the club, and the man that was in the picture twice that was made at the ball field when the Reds were here two years ago; Babe Pinelli, the likeable Pat Duncan, George Burns, Eppa Rixey, Pete Donchue [sic] and Eppal Rixey. Jake Daubert captain and firstbaseman will not be heer [sic] as he had to give up the trip and enter a hospital for an operation.