The Cincinnati Reds Play Baseball In Welch

Welch Daily News
October 7, 1924

Cincinnati Reds Ann [sic] McDowell County All Stars Will Play Again Tomorrow

Incendiary Fires Call for Drastic Action

Game Will Be Played at New Athletic Park and Will start at 3:00 O'clock

Arrangements were completed late yesterday evening for another baseball game in Welch before the curtain for 1924 falls on the baseball season here. The Cincinnati Reds have agreed to return to Welch tomorrow afternoon for another crack at the crack McDowell county All Stars who yesterday surprised the Reds and a packed grand stand by defeating the fourth place National leaguers by the score of 4 to 3. The Reds would not feel just exactly right to return to the Queen city with a 4 to 3 defeat hanging over them, so they wanted one more chance to get revenge on the locals. They will get the chance tomorrow, and who can tell but what the All Stars may again have something up their sleave [sic] and hang another defeat on to the one the Reds now have.

The Reds will use the same lineup as they did yesterday with the possible exception of the pitcher. Benton or Rixey will likely work for the Reds. Their lineup will include Bressler, Critz, Pinelli, Wingo, Haragrave, Roush, Duncan and Burns. The All Stars will also use about the same lineup. There may be a few changes during the game, but there won't by many. Soard will be in the lineup. Gearhart, Jennings and Weaver will again try their hand at throwing them by the National Leaguers and if they get along as well as they did yesterday, fans will see another real ball game.

There was a great deal of misunderstanding yesterday as to the price of admission. It was reported over town by various persons that the tickets to the game would be $2.00. This was absolutely wrong the price of admission will be $1.25 for adults in the grandstand and 25c for children. This is a reasonable price and it is well worth it to see the Reds in action. The game will be called at 3 o'clock.