National Track and Field Hall of Fame

Charleston Gazette
February 13, 1975

McManus, Mrs. Moore Greet 'Hall' Marchers

By Danny Wells
Staff Sports Writer

Close to 1,000 young people received greetings from Mrs. Arch Moore and Speaker of the House Lou McManus Wednesday during their march in support of the National Track and Field Hall of Fame.

Led by the Charleston High School band, the students marched from the Civic Center to the Capitol in an effort to help persuade the legislature to appropriate the $870,000 which is being sought for construction of the Track Hall of Fame.

When the CHS band stopped and played in front of the Governor's Mansion, Mrs. Moore opened the door and waved to the crowd for several minutes.

The crowd then moved on to the Capitol steps, where Don Cohen, founder of the Hall of Fame and jack Rose, the executive director, spoke.

"If people have bad impressions of your youth, they shouldn't after seeing them today," said Cohen.

Rose called the participation by the students "fantastic."

A few minutes later, McManus came out of the Capitol and praised the crowd for demonstrating their support for the Hall of fame.

"On behalf of the 52nd West Virginia Legislature, I want to thank you for showing your enthusiasm for the Track and Field Hall of Fame," said McManus. "Your appearance here adds support for the project."

McManus said "full consideration" would be given to the request for the funds.

"Some people have been saying this is a Charleston project," said McManus, "but we know it's a West Virginia project."

About 17 different schools were represented in the two-and-a-half-mile march. The Roosevelt Junior High band participated along with a group of majorettes and drill team members from George Washington High School and majorettes from Thomas Jefferson Junior High.

"The march was a tremendous success," said Cohen. "I think it shows that young people have a sincere interest in the Hall of Fame. And they should since the hall of fame will benefit them most of all."