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Proceedings of the
Second Wheeling Convention

June 11, 1861

The Convention assembled yesterday at two P. M. in Washington Hall.

On nomination of F. H. Pierpoint, Dennis B. Dorsey, Esq., of Monongalia co., was selected as temporary Chairman. G. L. Cranmer of Wheeling was, on nomination of Campbell Tarr, of Brooke, chosen temporary Secretary.

The President returned his thanks briefly for the distinction conferred. He said that taking the chair as temporary Chairman it would be superfluous in him to allude to the vital subjects that would come before the Convention. They had calmly and thoroughly considered them at home and had now come here to act on those reflections. He realized that this was to be the most important Convention that ever assembled in the State of Virginia. He would not impose a speech on the Convention, but would merely say that he would endeavor to discharge the duties imposed on him to the best of his ability.

On motion of Mr. Pierpont, Rev. G. Battelle, who was present, was requested to open the sitting of the Convention with prayer.

After the prayer, A. J. Boreman, of Wood, offered the following resolution which was adopted:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the Chair to ascertain and report all who are entitled to seats in this Convention as members thereof.

Mr. CARLILE offered the following:

Resolved, That a committee of five members of this body be appointed to report rules for the Government of the Convention.

The resolution was adopted.

The following, by Mr. Pierpoint, of Marion, was then adopted:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to report on the permanent organization of this Convention.

CAMPBELL TARR submitted the annexed, which was accepted:

Resolved, That this Convention will meet while in session at 10 A. M.

The Chair then announced the committees, appointed under the resolutions offered; after which, on motion, the Convention adjourned.

The following are the Committees:

COMMITTEE ON ORGANIZATION - F. H. Pierpoint, W. H. Copeland, E. H. Caldwell, John S. Burdett, C. J. Stewart.

COMMITTEE ON RULES - Jno. S. Carlile, Danl. Palsey, Harrison Hagans, Geo. Mc.Porter, Andrew Flesher.

COMMITTEE ON CREDENTIALS - A. J. Boreman, Danl, Lamb, Lewis Wetzel, John J. Brown, Jas. Evans.

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Chapter Seven: First Session of the Second Wheeling Convention

A State of Convenience

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