Opening of Terra Alta-Kingwood Road

Preston Republican
September 18, 1924

Opening of Terra Alta-Kingwood Road

The formal opening of the Caddell pike was celebrated the 11th inst., by a ceremony at Caddell bridge followed by a basket picnic at the near-by State Rifle Range, and was a big success.

There had been cold rainy weather for several days previous and it looked as if such an outdoor meeting could not be held; but on the day appointed the sun appeared on the scene and quickly warmed the air to the satisfaction of all and dried the roads and grounds. Long before the hour set the automobiles began to pour across the bridge and fill all the parking room in the vicinity. The ceremony was held at the West end of the bridge where Mayor O. W. Ringer of Terra Alta had the highway snugly closed by a great rosette of bunting and ribbon.

Judge Hughes called the crowd to order and after a series of his happy remarks introduced E. E. Cuppett who spoke of the roads from the point of view of the State Road Commission of which he is an employe; then followed short talks by C. E. Trembly from Portland District, J. V. Gibson from Kingwood District, A. A. Pickering from the County Court and P. J. Crogan of Kingwood who made the principal address of the occasion. Mr. Crogan was in an eloquent mood and impressed the audience with the importance of this celebration of the opening of a section of state highway in Preston County. He traced the development of civilization from the first and greatest invention man ever made, the wheel, to the perfection of mechanisms today represented by the acres of automobiles parked near by and the two air planes of Scott Scotty which were wheeling overhead. He predicted that before he was finally laid away many of our roads would be hard surfaced and the people of distant sections of the County would be near neighbors.

At the close of his address, Mr. Crogan asked that the road now be opened and the mayors of Kingwood and Terra Alta drew the bowknots that held the center and let the barrier of bunting fall away. Hon. Frank L. Bowman of Morgantown was then introduced and responded with a stirring plea for better roads and more of them. The crowd was then dismissed to meet on the State Rifle Range nearby where the remainder of the day was spent in one big all county picnic.

It is estimated that over 400 automobiles were parked on the grounds besides the many that were scattered through the groves and on road sides.

The presence of two air planes and the great game of base ball between Rowlesburg and Kingwood together with the excellent music by the several bands all day made the picnic a lively and interesting one until late evening.